Best Open Face Old School Helmets Review

Open faced motorcycle helmets are characterized as helmets that do not completely encase the head of the person wearing it. Many open face motorcycle helmets have visors, eye protectors, or face shields on them, but they are usually visors, eye protectors, or face shields that can be removed when the rider chooses to do so.

Some open faced motorcycle helmets are the skull cap style of helmet that does not cover anything more than the top of the wearers head. The open face helmets also include helmets that cover more of the head, but all of them have the face of the wearer uncovered unless they choose to have a shield on their helmet to protect their eyes.

Top Old School Helmets In 2017 Comparison Chart




Size available



5 pounds

2X-L, XS, S, M, XL

Scorpion EXO CT220 ¾ Shell Open Face Street Motorcycle Helmet Gloss Black XXX Large

3.17 pounds


Motorcycle ¾ Open Face Helmet Snap On Visor Street Cafe Racer DOT Glossy Black

3.4 pounds


Zox Retro Old School Open Face Helmet Matte Black Large

2.5 pounds


These helmets are designed to allow the rider to feel freer as they ride. These helmets are lighter than other helmets because they are the open face retro style, and they are lighter than the original versions of these helmets because they are made from lighter weight materials that are as strong, if not stronger than the original materials used to produce these helmets.

Best Old School Helmets Review by An Expert

There has been controversy as to whether open face helmets are as safe as their bulkier counterparts. The helmets in this review all meet the safety standards established by the DOT, and many of them also meet the European safety standards.

I have my favorite old school motorcycle helmets. I compiled a list of old school open faced helmets that were DOT approved for safety so you could easily view some of the best helmets available.

Vega X – 380 Open Face Helmet with Old Skool Graphic

This open faced old school helmet can be purchased with optional flip shields that snap into place. They are easy to take off and easy to put back on.

The device has full DOT approval for meeting or exceeding the safety standards for this type of equipment. This lightweight helmet also adheres to the safety regulations established for European standard protocol.

This classic helmet is backed with a one year warranty. The warranty will not cover the helmet if you make any modifications to the device. It also does not cover any damages the helmet suffers during a crash or accident.

Zox Retro Old School Open Face Helmet ( Matte Black, Large)

The old school motorcycle helmets that cover just the top of the head and are fastened by a buckling chin strap date back to before the Second World War.

These helmets have been frequently seen in old war movies depicting German soldiers riding motorcycles. The flat black paint lends to the air of hard core bike rider who is touch, determined, and unbending.

This helmet is designed to look like the old helmets, but it is made from newer materials that do not weigh as much, so they do not cause as much neck strain when you are wearing them.

Zox Retro Old School Open Face Helmet ( Glossy Black, X – Large)

This is a half helmet made by ZOX. The helmet is painted a glossy black to give it an irresistible shine. The half helmet style is a retro style that reminds you of the early motorcycle helmets worn before the 1940s.

These helmets cap the top of the head and leave the face, the neck, and the ears exposed. They are cool because they do not encase as much of the head as some other helmet styles do.

This helmet has a one year warranty. The warranty protects the buyer from any manufacturer defects that might be found in the helmet for up to twelve months after purchase.

Zox Retro Old School Open Face Helmet ( Matte Black, X – Large)

The matte black of this half helmet sets the serious tone that this retro style helmet had. Old school motorcycle helmets seem to make statements without all of the graphic designs, the glitter, or the quilted padding.

This simple half helmet covers the head to protect against impact damage and it straps on under the chin to hold it firmly in place.

The first helmet made in this style were crafted in the 1930s and the 30s. Those pieces were much heavier than these new renditions of the half helmet because construction materials are much lighter and stronger than the old ones were.

Zox Nano Old School Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

When you are looking for old school motorcycle helmets that are tough, rugged, and manly, then you need to look at the Nano old school open face motorcycle helmet by ZOX. This particular half helmet is done with the matte black paint so it is not flashy. It is simply a rugged protective covering that allows a man to feel the wind and the freedom that he craves when he rides his bike.

The ZOX helmet comes with a one year warranty that will provide a replacement helmet if the one you buy should have any defects from the manufacturer.

Motorcycle ¾ Open Face Helmet Snap On Visor Street Cafe Racer DOT

This helmet provides the protection that is required by DOT according to the United States safety standards. The snap on bubble visor will reduce the amount of glare from the sun so that you can see the road ahead of you and you will have fewer accidents.

The high gloss shine of the exterior portion of this helmet makes it look pretty, but it also reflects light so you will be more visible to other motorist. The padded interior will make the helmet more comfortable, and it also will increase your protection in case you are in a motorbike accident.

Scorpion EXO CT220 ¾ Shell Open Face Street Motorcycle Helmet

This open face helmet is designed with a visor that will reduce the amount of glare that streams into your eyes, and it has a safety shield that will protect your eyes from debris, dirt, or the dryness that wind can cause.

This helmet meets the DOT safety standards that all Old School Helmets that are worn during street riding must meet. The requirements for riers who are riding dirt bikes and the requirements for people riding street bikes are not the same.

The helmets in the list are not necessarily in the order of best to worst. I included helmets into the list as I found ones that fit all of my criteria for being a good helmet that would protect the rider from danger.​

Final Note

The helmet style you choose for motorcycle riding will depend on what you like, what you want from your riding experience, and the safety regulations for the type of riding you do, your age, and the part of the world you live in. European standards are different from the safety standards in the United States.

To choose a proper helmet you need to know the size hat you wear, or the measurements of your head. Make sure that the size helmet you buy is compatible with the size head you have.

Protection should be your first concern. Buy a helmet that fits your budget, your style, and provides adequate protection.

  1. Where did your come up with these weights? Almost 5 pounds for the Scorpion EXO CT 220? I have this helmet and weighed it myself, with the peak installed, on my scale that I use for weighing coffee beans, and came up with 3.117 pounds. Even modular helmets don’t weigh that much.

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