Tips To Avoid A Motorcycle Accident

There’s nothing better than suiting up, pulling on your helmet, and swinging your leg over the bike for some weekend fun. The rush of the wind as you cruise down the road. The sense of freedom. It all creates a wonderful experience you want to repeat. However, accident conditions can appear out of nowhere and you only have a fraction of a second to react.

We don’t want you to stop having fun on your bike, especially when there are things you can do to help keep you as safe as possible while riding. Your bike is equipped and designed to help you keep you safe on the road, but it’s important that you have the skills to keep yourself safe. We will go over the common causes of motorcycle accidents, what kind of safety gear you can get to protect yourself, and the top tips for avoiding a motorcycle accident in the first place.

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Riding motorcycles can be an exhilarating experience but it’s not without its risks. Being able to prevent a motorcycle accident is one of the most important things you should focus on as a rider. A rider of any skill level, beginner or advanced, should know the common causes of motorcycle accidents and be prepared should they find themselves in a similar situation. Below we’ve compiled a list of the common causes of motorcycle accidents and why they happen.

A Car Turns Left In Front Of You

You Hit Gravel In A Blind Corner

You Entered A Corner Too Fast

A Car Changes Lane Into You

A Car Hits You From Behind

Your Riding Buddies Are Idiots

You Locked The Front Brake

A Car Opened Its Door

Slippery When Wet


Motorcycle Safety Gear

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Knowing the common causes of motorcycle accidents is a first step to helping you ride better and safe, but there’s a lot that can be done just by focusing on what you wear when you ride. In a car, you’re well protected against whatever harm might befall should an accident occur. On a bike, you are overly exposed. It is critical to make sure you take the appropriate protection while riding. It might not always be convenient or stylish, but it will help you should something go wrong on your next ride.

Memorize the acronym: All The Gear, All The Time (ATGATT). On the short ride to the grocery store, it might not seem necessary to gear up but you’re more likely to experience an accident closer to home than you are on a long ride so it’s best to suit up everyone time you go out.


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It might seem like a no-brainer but a helmet is a must. Your brain is your most valuable part of your body and you need to make sure you protect. There are a lot of styles and variety out there but your best option will be a helmet that covers all sides of your head and face. There are plenty of manufacturers that make high-quality helmets but they all fit a little differently so it’s best to try them on and see how they fit before you purchase.


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A jacket might seem like overkill when it’s not cold or raining out but it’s definitely a must-have. In the event that you come flying off your bike in a motorcycle accident, a jacket will offer your upper body the necessary protection as you skid along the road. And don’t make it any ordinary jacket, make sure it’s one for riding motorcycles. These jackets are made with added padding for protection as well as ventilation so you don’t overheat when it’s a sunny warm day.


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Just like the jacket, pants are equally important because they will protect your lower body. And, again, you don’t want to be wearing your typical pair of jeans when riding. You want to be wearing a pair of motorcycle pants, like the jacket, that has extra padding and ventilation. It might not be as nice as your khaki pants or jeans but you’ll be better protected. You can also buy matching sets of jacket and pants so you still look stylish.


If you’re looking for one piece of clothing to wear while riding instead of two, then a suit might be the option for you. Like the jacket and pant combination, a motorcycle suit is designed with extra padding and ventilation to make you safe and comfortable while you ride. Designed to fit over your ordinary clothing, you can slip it on before and after you hop on the bike.


You might think any pair of shoes will do when you’re out riding, but a common occurrence during a motorcycle accident is the bike will end up on top of one of your legs. Riding shoes are designed to offer extra support so that your leg and foot is not crushed under the weight of the bike.


Gloves will give you added protection from the elements, but in the event of a motorcycle accident they protect the skin on your hands. Make sure they’re gloves made for motorcycle riding because those will have added padding and ventilation. Also, they’ll give you a better grip and control while riding.

Body Armor

If you’re looking for some additional protection, you can also purchase body armor. This will add another layer to help protect your body, particularly your vital organs, in the event of a motorcycle accident.

Elbow, Shin, and Knee Guards

Body armor is usually focused on protecting the upper body. To protect your extremities, consider elbow, shin, and knee guards.

Eye Protection

If you’re wearing a helmet that fully covers your head, get goggles or a visor that covers your face. Most sunglasses and eyeglass are not impact-resistant.

Hearing Protection

As you’re riding, your ears will hear a lot of noise. Not just the traffic itself but the rushing of the wind and the roaring sound of the tires on the road. This can be especially fatiguing for longer rides. To combat this, you can purchase a standard pair of disposable ear plugs to help reduce the noise you hear. You’ll still be able to hear and know of what’s going on around you, but it will mitigate the long-term effects of noise exposure.

10 Tips To Avoid A Motorcycle Accident

1. Being Aware Of Your Surroundings

2. Complete A Motorcycle Safety Course

3. Behave As If No Car Can See You

4. Pay Attention To The Wheels Of Other Cars

5. Watch Out For Any Obstructions In The Road

6. Check Your Mirrors Often

7. Maintain Your Motorcycle

8. Practice Braking

9. Follow Any Speed Limits

10. Don’t Drink And Ride


Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous. There are plenty of steps you can take to prevent the accident and protect yourself in the event of an accident. Riding is a skill that needs to be continually practiced and always focused on improving. Wear the right gear (ATGATT). And always be aware of what’s going on around you. Don’t assume that the cars can see you; assume they can’t. Keep these helpful tips in mind as you prepare for your next ride. Safe riding!

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