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Motorcycle helmets are one of the most important parts of your safety gear while riding to help ensure that you’re prepared in case of an accident or collision. There are many brands, styles, and price ranges to choose from so we can understand that it might seem overwhelming as you being your search for a new helmet. We recognize safety as a priority, so we have taken the time to compile four thorough reviews of market-leading Bluetooth helmets to help guide you along the way. The main helmet of interest in this article is the ILM Helmet Modular Bluetooth model.

The ILM helmet offers Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity to give you clear communication with other riders, stream music, or provide hands-free chat while you ride. The Bluetooth ILM helmet is a moderately priced unit backed by thoughtful and reliable design ideal for commuter riders or cruising on the road. As we move through each model on our list, we highlight the price point, special features, overall performance, and general highlights. Let’s get started by checking out more details of the Bluetooth ILM helmet.

About the ILM Helmet

The main helmet we are highlighting in this article is the ILM helmet which offers a sturdy and attractive aesthetic with modular flip-up and full-face features and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. ILM Helmets was established in 2015 and dedicates itself to evolving motorcycle gear that is the highest quality, most efficient, and affordable available.

Quality control is important to this company, so they apply strict standards to their products, beginning with the raw materials. Focusing on delivering products that the customer is seeking, an ILM helmet will keep you protected without a high price point. The ILM helmet has an integrated Bluetooth operating system, which is easy to use and allows you to play MP3s or use the intercom feature to communicate with other riders in your crew.

The ILM helmet is equipped with a microphone and headphones, which gives you the ability to receive calls instantly and speak to the caller hands-free. This unit is lightweight yet heavy-duty weighing in at around 4 pounds including its sun shield and full-face framing.

Safety and Comfort

The ILM helmet with fully integrated Bluetooth 3.0 technology focuses on straightforward safety by providing a strong shell with EPS to protect your head and absorb shock upon impact. This unit is also equipped with an interior visor as an extra layer of protection to shield your eyes from debris and lights. The ILM helmet is DOT-verified with ECE-certified visors, so you can be confident this unit will keep you safe in case of a collision.

The ILM helmet comes in three different sizes and can be customized with interior padding to give you the perfect, comfortable fit. The ILM helmet is designed with an efficient ventilation system that helps keep you cool in hot weather or during long sessions.

Product Specs

The ILM helmet is an affordable Bluetooth helmet that offers a strong shell with full-face coverage options and other modular features. This unit is designed with an aerodynamic body that reduces lift, drag, and increases stabilization at higher speeds.

The ILM Helmet Bluetooth 3.0 Modular unit carries an internal and external visor for increased protection and multi-layer shielding options. Its external visor is not fog-proof, but it is scratch-resistant, so you can count on this helmet to provide you with clear vision for many future sessions. The Bluetooth ILM helmet features three adjustable air-intake slots that give you increased airflow and comfort in all weather.

This ILM helmet features 8 hours of talk time with 110 hours of standby and can be used while charging, so you never miss a word or a phone call. You can easily answer the intercom with a single button or program your radio, MP3 player, or GPS audio navigation. The ILM unit is equipped with stereo sound, DSP echo cancellation, and noise reduction to provide you with clear and crisp audio, even while riding at high speeds.


The ILM helmet is an accessible Bluetooth helmet and can be purchased for around $190 on

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet...
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology. 8 Hours of Talk Time and 110 Hours of Standby. Fully Washable Microfiber Liner and Adjustable...
  • One Touch Control for Calling, Answering, Rejecting Incoming Calls and Redialing. Incoming Phone Call Overrides...
  • Supports a Max distance of up to 1000 Feet Between Two Riders Using the Intercom. 2 High Quality Built-in Speakers with...

Special Features

The ILM helmet with Bluetooth 3.0 technology gives you more freedom to manage phone calls, communicate with other riders, and program music or FM radio to accompany your ride. You can also use this unit with GPS voice commands, one-touch call answering, and other ILM Bluetooth helmets. The ILM helmet features a lithium-polymer battery and a proprietary charger.


At this affordable price, the ILM helmet provides quality airflow with reliable sound and crisp transmissions between headsets. The Bluetooth technology is easy to use with a single button. Overall, noise can be extreme on the highway, but the music remains crisp and loud. Its external visor fogs up easily when sitting in hot weather or at a light. While riding, hearing is clear, but talk-back can be inconsistent.


There is no warranty information listed for this product. Consult with the manufacturer for more information regarding warranty details.

  • Comfortable fit and easy to take on and off
  • Well-padded with removable, washable liners
  • Easy pairing with Bluetooth technology
  • Music is clear at high speeds
  • Awesome battery life
  • External shield fogs up easily
  • Proprietary charger, not USB
  • Poor user manual
Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako Full Face Helmet with Flag Graphic...
  • Bluetooth Integrated Shell
  • Dual Density EPS with Intermediate Oval Profile
  • Smooth Lock drop-down visor system. Outer shell material-Advanced thermo polymer alloy shell

The first helmet up for comparison is the Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Full-Face unit. If you are familiar with Torc helmets, this unit replaces the Prodigy and Blade shells, offering a lightweight body with a dual-density EPS system. Its laser-contoured comfort liner increases functionality and performance. The Torc T14B features an optically correct flat panel shield and a drop-down internal sun visor that locks with a system called Smooth Lock. This unit is designed to integrate seamlessly with a neck brace for optimized protection.

Special Features

This unit is priced as a great entry-level Bluetooth helmet that offers crisp sound, easy function, and fulfills its product description. The microphone on the Torc T14b needs improving, but the speakers are quality and produce crisp stereo audio. Its total value is great for the quality build, aesthetic, and ease of use.


The Torc T14B is a reliable helmet that will protect you in case of a collision while offering seamless operations and straightforward design. The audio quality is great though the microphone and intercom transmissions need improvement. The price is right for an entry-level unit that gives you diverse abilities to enhance hands-free riding.


Torc does not offer a warranty or exchanges on its helmets. Products are sold and purchased “as is.”

  • Quality audio even at high speeds
  • Easy to use, seamless connectivity
  • Excellent air flow and ventilation
  • Moderately priced
  • Awesome battery life
  • Too much airflow for riding in cold weather
  • Flimsy chin strap
  • Poor microphone
  • Sized improperly, order a size up and measure precisely

The next helmet on our list is the Hawk H-500 Bluetooth Full-Face Helmet. This low-end Bluetooth helmet gives you more connectivity options at a bargain price. With that being said, you sacrifice overall quality of a helmet as you go down in price point. The Hawk H-500 is a molded ABS shell with multi-density EPS construction and easy-to-clean interior lining.

The ventilation system keeps you cool and allows for a consistent air flow great for hot days. The body is anti-scratch, anti-fog, and offers a wide peripheral vision. The Hawk H-500 features a quick-release strap and a strap keeper for easy organization, with sleek HAWK graphics. This unit is DOT-approved and features 8 hours of talk time with 110 hours of standby battery power.

Special Features

The Hawk H-500 is equipped with full-stereo sound, 100-foot rider-to-rider intercom, Bluetooth MP3 player, GPS voice commands, and one-touch call management.


In case of a serious collision, this helmet will keep you safe and protected with customizable inner linings for optimal comfort and shock absorption. The panorama view is great for increased vision and safety while sound performance is reliable under 60mph. Callers have a hard time hearing the rider with clarity, especially at high speeds. The aesthetic is eye-catching, but performance and durability are variable.


There is no available warranty information for the Hawk H-500. Contact the manufacturer or retailer directly for more warranty details.

  • Low-end price point
  • Nice stereo sound for mp3s
  • Panorama view for increased safety
  • Well-designed body and aesthetic
  • Calls come in at max volume
  • Bluetooth malfunctions common
  • The battery is known to die after short-term use
  • Inconsistent volume settings
Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmets, FreedConn BM2 Flip up Dual Visors Full...
  • ✪ [ DOT Modular Motorcycle Helmet ] FreedConn Bluetooth helmet supports max intercom range up to 1640 feet for 2...
  • ✪ [ 3.0 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets ] Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows you to enjoy music, FM,...
  • ✪ [ Crystal Clear Sound Helmet Intercom ] Built in 2 premium speakers with full stereo sound. Advanced DSP echo...

The last Bluetooth helmet we are reviewing is the FreedConn Bluetooth Helmet. This powerful, mid-range Bluetooth helmet comes equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 technology for up to 3-way intercom communications up to 500m away. You can use this helmet to stay connected to phone calls, your music player, or a GPS.

Its lightweight ABS shell is stocked with an effective ventilation system designed to optimize ride comfort. With just one control, you can operate the unit and receive phone calls, use the intercom, program the FM radio, and manage audio volume. The interior cheek padding is easy to remove for quick cleaning and maintenance. The FreedConn Bluetooth helmet is DOT- and ECE-certified, so you can feel confident on the road and while traveling at high speeds. This unit comes complete with a helmet bag, stereo sound, a USB charging cable, and a user manual. Its lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable via USB.

Special Features

The FreedConn Bluetooth helmet features FM radio, DSP tech cancellation, and noise-reduction technology, clear stereo audio, and multi-tasking which allows you to listen to your music or GPS while also receiving an intercom message or phone call.


This unit successfully reduces road noise while transmitting clear audio. Its battery life is reliable, and USB charging makes it easy to keep powered while traveling. Connectivity is straightforward, and the user manual has clear instructions on how to use the device properly.


There is no warranty information available for this FreedConn model. Contact the manufacturer or your retailer directly for more details regarding exchange and warranty.

  • Compact helmet and nice design
  • Easy-to-use and crisp audio
  • Fluid mechanics and intuitive operation
  • Clear and useful internal visor, easy to clean and maintain
  • Visor fogs up easily, fixed with one-click open
  • Poor ventilation when standing still
  • Helmet runs small, so you measure properly
  • Needs more forehead padding


After reviewing these four helmets and discussing their unique features, we are confident in our overall rating of the ILM Helmet Modular Bluetooth model. We rate the ILM helmet with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity 4 out of 5 stars for its comfortable fit, easy use, proper padding, ease of use, and excellent battery life.

We think this unit is ideal for riders who want reliable Bluetooth connectivity with clear audio, reliable customer service, excellent battery life, and crisp music even at high speeds. Intercom communications are easy to use between devices, helping you stay safe and connected with other members of your group. However, we wish the Ilm Helmet charged by USB and came with a more distinct and accurate user manual.

We hope the information in this article was insightful and useful as you sort through the many brands, models, and price points of Bluetooth helmets in search of your perfect fit.

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