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Best White Motorcycle Helmet Reviews In 2017 | Complete Buyer's Guide

Best White Motorcycle Helmet Reviews





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57-58 CM,22.4-22.8 Inch

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LS2 Stream

14.5 x 11.5 x 10.6 inches

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Vega Altura

14 x 11 x 11 inches

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13 x 10 x 10.5 inches

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13 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches

Cyber Helmets US-39 Solid Helmet

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If you are looking for a white motorcycle helmet this piece of protective head gear is a good one to consider. It is categorized as a helmet for men but it works equally well for women.

It has a sleek design that makes it aerodynamic and the white coloration is suitable for people of either gender.

This head piece has been designed to either meet or exceed the department of transportation standards. That means that it will provide the maximum amount of protection to the person wearing it in the event of an accident.

The shell of this hat is made from a thermoplastic alloy. This thermoplastic alloy is very light in weight, but very strong in tensile strength. You will get less neck strain wearing this helmet while you ride, and that also makes this helmet good for female riders who may have less neck strength. This thermoplastic keeps the weight of the hat low. It only weighs 4.2 pounds.

The venting of this head gear is strategically placed so that the air flow will be adequate to keep you cool in the hot summer months. The white color of the head piece will also help to keep your head cooler when you are wearing it because white reflects the heat from the sun’s rays while darker colors absorb the heat.​

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Modular

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People choose to ride motorcycles because they love the freedom of feeling the fresh air. They love the savings they get on fuel, and they love the risk of jumping into traffic without the protective encasement a car or truck provides. Most people agree with the laws of the road that a safety helmet is a tool no motorcycle rider should be without. This safety helmet will protect you, while keeping you cool in the summer, and giving you the freedom that you desire.

The inner lining of this helmet can be taken out and laundered. That will help to reduce odors that can build up from the sweat and oils your body produces.

The shell that forms the protective piece is made from a thermoplastic material that is very light and very strong. This shell weighs far less than shells made of some other materials but it has enough strength to protect you, and the department of transportation approves this helmet for its intended purpose.

This is a medium size head piece that measures fifty seven to fifty eight centimeters and is suitable for either a man or women to wear.The inner goggles on this head piece are smoke colored to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun, and the outer goggles are clear to protect your eyes from dirt and debris when the darker goggles are not required.

LS2 Stream Solid Full Face Motorcycle Helmet With Sunshield

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When you are driving in the bright light of day you will love the colored lenses on this helmet. These lenses reduce the glare of the sun and that increases your visibility.

When the sun is not shining brightly the twin shield system on this helmet provides you with a clear shield that protects your eyes from the drying effects of the wind and increases your visibility.

​The system devised for this helmet lets you flip a switch that will cause the colored lens to retract so you can adjust from the dark color to the clear while you are riding.

The features of this safety device meet the expectations of the department of safety, and this includes the easy to release chin strap. This chin strap stops you from wrestling to get the helmet secured because it is easy to secure, and when it is time to remove the head piece the strap makes the removal process a breeze.

When a helmet is new it smells good, but after wearing one of these items for a few weeks they can begin to smell pretty bad. That is due to the oils from your head being deposited on the inner part of the liner. The liner on this safety device can be completely removed so it can be cleansed to keep it smelling as good as it did the day you first got the helmet.

Scorpion EXO-R710 Solid Street Motorcycle Helmet

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This is not an ordinary white motorcycle helmet. This helmet is a top of the line precision piece of equipment that will effectively protect you in the event of an accident, and will provide you with maximum comfort at all other times. Wearing this head gear is a delight.

There are four intake ports in the ventilation system to maximize the amount of air flow you will have inside the helmet.

These intake ports are located at the front of the piece so they force cool fresh air under the shell. At the rear of the device there are three exhaust ports that allow the heated air to be pushed out by the fresh cool air that is coming in through the intake ports.

The EPS lining in this device will help to absorb the shock of any impact. This protective lining is included throughout the chin bar so your head is protected completely.

The worst part of protective goggles is that they tend to fog up and that reduces the rider’s vision. This head piece has state of the art technology creating a protective eye shield that is virtually fog free. The shield is optically clear to enhance visibility, and because the shield is there to protect it is coated with a hardening agent to help it resist damages like scratches.​

Vega Altura Full Face Helmet

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When it comes to protection for your head while you are riding a motorcycle you cannot have too much. You want to buy a helmet that will protect you completely, and to make sure that a safety device does protect you ECE and the department of transportation has developed strict guidelines for manufacturers. This safety device meets all of those guidelines, and in some cases it exceeds that ECE or the DOT requires.

This white motorcycle helmet is being promoted as a white head piece, but you actually have the choice of nine different colors, finishes, and coatings. You can buy the helmet that you think is the most attractive, or that you think suits your personality. Some people like to buy helmets that match the color of their bikes.

You will like the plush bag that comes with this head piece. The plush bag protects the finish of the helmet from scratches and other damages during the time you are not wearing the device.

The liner inside the hat can be removed and washed, and it can also be replaced with a new liner when the old one starts to become tattered. This allows you to keep the head piece looking its best, and smelling its best.

BILT Techno Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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This large blue tooth motorcycle helmet is aerodynamically designed to stop it from catching a large amount of wind. This decreases the strain put on your neck while you ride and allows you to ride for longer periods of time. It also helps your bike to be able to travel at higher rates of speed because it reduces the drag produced by your helmet. This helmet meets all of the DOT standards for protection. It is attractive, useful, and affordably priced.

The integrated DWO-3 Bluetooth system that comes installed in this head piece will help you to establish mobile phone communications between you and the people you are riding with. You will not have to guess when your friend needs to pull over for a pit stop because the two of you will have voice communication with each other.

This makes your riding time more enjoyable, and helps you to be safer. If you are uncertain about the Bluetooth communication capabilities you will be glad to know that there is a built-in intercom that allows you to communicate with the passenger on your bike. The Bluetooth system also allows you to establish audio playback from your MP3 downloads so you always have the tunes you like to listen to playing in your ear.

PGR F99 Hunter Modular Flip Up Dual Visor Full Face with Sun Shield

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The shell for this full face motorcycle helmet is made of light weight materials. This is a size large protective head piece and it weighs only four pounds. This reduces tension while you are riding because your neck does not become as easily fatigued.

The inner lining on a motorcycle helmet serves two purposes. It is placed inside the shell to make it more comfortable to wear, and during an accident the liner will absorb some of the shock of the impact. 

The device has two visors so you always have the most visibility possible. The darker visor protects your eyes from the ultra violet rays of the sun and allows you to be able to see when the sun is bright. It reduces eye strain and helps you to stay safe. At night or on days when the sun is not shining brightly you can use the clear shield that protects your eyes from the wind and the small particles of dust and debris that can fly into your eyes as you ride.

This helmet comes with a breath guard that you can easily remove, and it comes with a chin cover. ​The safety device is designed to meet or exceed the standards put into place by the department of transportation.

HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

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With this HJC helmet you will never need a tool to enable you to change your shield. The manufacturer has installed a RapidFire Shield Replacement System that is unique to their helmets, and provides a rider with the ability to snap their shield off and snap a new one on is seconds. You can go from clear to colored shields without any complications. The shell of the helmet is formed from a light weight material. It is a Polycarbonate Composite that is extremely strong and durable

The face shield that is provided by the manufacturer of this helmet is designed to protect you from as much as ninety five percent of the ultra violet rays of the sun. That means less eye strain, and fewer sunburn effects on your eyes or face.

The shield locks in place on the sides of the helmet making it stay securely in position, and you have the option to purchase an insert that will create an anti fog system for the shield. These anti fog systems increase visibility greatly.

It is light so the helmet produces less neck strain for the rider. The CAD technology used during manufacturer and design has allowed these helmets to fit better than the majority of helmets on the market today.

GLX Moped Scooter Cruiser Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

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The thermoplastic shell of this open faced helmet is highly resistant to damages that can occur during an impact. The interior lining of the head piece also helps to reduce the impact the wearer might feel in the event of an accident.

The strap system that holds the helmet in place has an innovative release system that makes it very easy to fasten the device in place, and just as easy to remove the device when you get to where you are going.

The sun visor that comes with the helmet is clear and crafted from optically correct materials that enhance the wearer’s ability to see more clearly. You can purchase colored shields if you desire to have one.

This head piece is perfect for men or women. It weighs less than three pounds so you do not have to have powerful neck muscles to hold the helmet up. You will not get as tired while wearing the helmet so you will be more likely to strap it on when you ride. A motorcycle helmet does not protect the rider if the helmet is not properly positioned on the head when the motorcycle is in motion.

HJC Helmets CS-5N Helmet

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The inner lining of this motorcycle helmet is made of Nylex. This material breathes and wicks moisture away from the rider. It provides extra protection in the event of an accident because the liner will absorb some of the shock from the impact.

The thermoplastic shell is very light but it will be able to withstand the shock of impact and protect the person wearing the device.

This device has been created to meet all of the standard requirements for motorcycle helmets established by the department of transportation. The visor has three snaps to make it easy to attach to the front portion of the helmet. Once attached the visor is very low profile so it will not interfere with your visibility while you ride.

The forehead vents will allow cool air to be forced under the helmet to help keep you cool while you are wearing the device. The white color of the helmet will help to reflect the heat of the sun and keep you cooler as well. It is important to stay cool while you are riding so that you will remain comfortable, and so that you will produce less sweat that could potentially run into your eyes and interfere with your ability to see to drive.

HJC Helmets CL-33 Helmet

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One thing that makes this white motorcycle helmet stand out from the other helmets in this review is the removal inner crown pad. The inner crown pad is made from Nylex so it wicks away moisture and helps to protect you in crashes. It is also removable so you can wash the pad and replace it when necessary. A clean smelling helmet will be worn more than a helmet that is smelly.

The department of transportation does not concern itself with the odors your crown pads might produce, but they do regulate what a helmet has to have in order to properly protect you if you are in an accident wearing it. This head piece meets all of the regulations established by the department of transportation so it is approved to be worn when you are riding on streets and when you are riding off road.

There is a multi stage ventilation system that helps to keep the interior of the helmet cooler while you ride. There are four intake vents on the front of the helmet that suck in the fresh air and there are vents at the back of the helmet that allow the hot air inside the helmet to be dispelled.

The face shield has been treated with a hardener to make it harder to scratch, and it has a ratchet system that allows you to change the shield without using additional tools.

Cyber Helmets US-39 Solid Helmet

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Motorcycle riders know that to comply with the law they have to wear protective head pieces while they are riding their bikes. This delightful motorcycle helmet allows the rider to comply with the law, be comfortable while they ride, and like what they are wearing.

This is a full face helmet so it will provide the utmost protection while you are riding. It has a shield system that allows you to change protective eye shields without using any tools. 

You can have a clear visor or a colored visor in your bag, and when the light of day changes you can change your eye protection as well. The fresh air intakes are located on the chin and the forehead of the wearer. This brings cool air in and the hot air is forced out through vents located at the sides of the helmet and in the rear of the helmet. You will stay as cool as a cucumber while you are riding, even in the hot days of August.

The interior lining is removable. You can take it out and wash it, or take it out and air it out, then replace it. This allows you to keep the helmet smelling fresh, and it allows you to eliminate any bacteria that may have set up house-keeping inside your liner.

AGV K3 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Inside the shell is a liner made of a Dri-Lex material. Dri-Lex is the name brand of a material that is excellent at wicking away moisture, and providing comfort to the wearer of items like motorcycle helmets. Your padding protects you during an accident, and makes your head protection fir superiorly. On this model the nose protector can be completely removed, and the comfort padding can be taken out and washed before being replaced.

This is a large helmet that weighs less than five pounds. That is because of the thermoplastic material used in the creation of the shell. Thermoplastic is light and it is tough, so you are protected, and you get less wearer fatigue.

The helmet comes with a clear shield to protect your eyes while you ride. There are colored shields available from the manufacture if you desire a colored shield to protect your eyes from the ultra violet rays of the sun.

The helmet has been designed to provide the optimum protection according to the regulatory advice from the department of transportation. You may wear this helmet while you are riding on city streets or when you are riding on dirt paths.

Cyber Helmets US-39 Solid Helmet

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The white color of this protective head piece will help to regulate the temperature inside the helmet, especially during the summer months of the year. White reflects the heat of the sun while dark colors attract the suns heat and capture it. The ventilation system inside the helmet includes forward facing intake ports that draw in the fresh air and rear and side facing exhaust vents that allow the hot air to escape. 

This helmet is made from a thermoplastic alloy that meets or exceeds the standards established by the department of transportation for materials used in motorcycle helmet construction. All of the features of the helmet have been designed to meet or exceed the department of transportation standards as well.

The interior liner has been made removable so you can keep it fresh and clean. I do not suggest wearing the helmet while the liner is out because the liner helps to regulate how the head gear fits on your head, and it helps to absorb some of the impact shock when you are in an accident.

The face shield will fully protect your eyes from the wind and debris that you come in contact with while you ride. Your head will be cool and comfortable while you ride, and you will sweat less while wearing this helmet. Both men and women can use this one.

Bell Solid Men’s MX-9 Adventure MotoX Motorcycle Helmet

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This helmet is larger and heavier than a lot of white motorcycle helmets. The manufacturer suggests that this head gear is better suited to male riders because it weighs about sixteen pounds and most female riders do not have the neck strength required to support that amount of weight. The interior liner is made of a fabric that is bacteria resistant and antimicrobial. This material will help to eliminate fouled odors that are built up from sweat and oils deposited onto the liner when you are wearing the head piece.

The liner is very important during a crash because they absorb a great deal of the shock from an impact, and liners help to make the head piece fit snugly on the wearer. The lining can be removed and washed if it starts to emit any odor, or if it gets dirty.

One thing that sets this white motorcycle helmet apart from the rest is the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Most motorcycle helmets have a one year warranty at best, but this head piece has a full five year warranty. That is the best warranty in the industry and proves that the manufacturer has a lot of confidence in their product.

LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

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The air ventilation system in this LS2 helmet allows the maximum amount of air to flow inside and keep you cool. The system also has adjustable vents so you get to control the exact amount of air you want. You get to personalize the air flow, and it allows you to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

This protective head gear is approved by the department of transportation and by ECE.

You can wear this knowing that in the event of an accident you are being protected as completely as possible by a motorcycle helmet.

The chin strap on the helmet has a three point fasten system so it helps to hold the helmet securely in place. A helmet does not protect you if it is not properly seated on your head, and the force of the wind can cause a helmet to move. The three point chin fastening system stops the wind from moving the helmet while you are riding.

The eye protection shield is an easy flip up shield that is made from optically correct materials. The optically correct materials make it easier to see through the shield, and it reduces the strain you place on your eyes. The visor is touch control so you can adjust how much sun you deal with and adjust to your own comfort settings.​

Final Verdicts

A white motorcycle helmet can be considered a fashion statement, or it can be considered a personal preference, or it can be considered to be the coolest helmet option. Buying a white motorcycle helmet can protect you when you are in a crash, and they can help you to ride the roads legally.

I suggest buying a helmet according to your own likes because when you like something you are more likely to wear it, or use it. Ride safely it is much better to be safe than sorry.​

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