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Best Classic and Vintage Open Face Helmet Review In 2017

Best Classic and Vintage Open Face Helmet Review

Vintage open face helmet give the rider a different feeling when they ride their bikes. These open face helmets allow you to have a look that you like, and they allow you to have more freedom while you are riding your bike.

Many people would prefer to ride their bikes with no helmets. Not because they are unconcerned about their safety, but because they like the wind in their hair, and the feeling of not being enclosed in a box.​

Vintage open face helmets meet all of the safety criteria that the DOT has established. They are protective devices and they allow the rider some freedom of style, and the ability to make a fashion statement while they ride their bikes.​

Top Vintage Open Face Helmet In 2017 Compared

The following list of helmets has been created to help motorcycle riders shop for, and find, the unique open face helmets that will enhance their riding experience. I hope the list gives you the opportunity to find the perfect helmet to suit your needs.​






Core Vintage Open Face Helmet Black Leather Large

Core Vintage Black Leather

3.8 pounds

S, M, L, XL, XXL

Fuel Helmets SH – HHGL16 HH Series Half Helmet, Gloss Black Large

Fuel Helmets SH-HHGL16

2.2 pounds

S, M, L, XL

Rockhard Hustler Volume 2 Graphic American Classic Helmet Small

Rockhard Hustler Volume 2

3.5 pounds


TORC T50 Route 66 Helmet with Rebel Star Graphic

TORC (T50 Route 66) Rebel Star

3 pounds

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Best Vintage Open Face Helmet Fore Reviews

A vintage open face helmet allows the rider to have the lightest helmet possible. These pieces of head gear allow the rider to feel the wind, smell the aromas, and have an unobstructed view of the beauties that Mother Nature has to offer.​

Many motorcycle riders have only one helmet. With the latest open face helmets you can afford to have several helmets. You can buy one to wear when you are riding in winter weather, like a full coverage helmet, and then buy an open face helmet, or half helmet, to wear when you ride in the summer heat.

Core Vintage Open Face Helmet (Black Leather, Large)

There is nothing that can replace the look and feel of genuine leather. At one time helmets were crafted from genuine leather. When other materials that provided more protection were introduced, the leather helmets were replaced.

Now we can offer this open face helmet that has the protection of light safe materials and the look of genuine leather, because it is finished with genuine leather.

The helmet is lined with a brushed nylon material that makes it comfortable to wear. The lining also helps to keep you warm in the cold weather months.

The helmet comes with a bubble visor that easily snaps into place.

Fuel Helmets SH – HHGL16 HH Series Half Helmet, Gloss Black Large

This glossy black helmet created by Fuel Helmets is a replica of helmets that were worn starting in the 1920s. You have likely seen an open face helmet in this style while watching old World War II movies on television. The people who rode on motorcycles in those movies would be seen wearing helmets similar to these.

The low profile of this helmet might make you think that it does not follow safety protocols, but DOT does approve of this series of open face helmets, and of this profile height.

Rockhard Hustler Volume 2 Graphic American Classic Helmet

This helmet has detailed Hustler graphics. While it might not be the best helmet for children, it is a helmet that most red-blooded males would like to own.

The pillow lining inside the helmet is made of nylon. Nylon is an easy to care for material that helps to wick away moisture. The padding helps to stop you from having a serious head injury if you are in an accident.

If you want to attach a visor to the helmet you can do so using the five snaps positioned on the front of the helmet. The visor does not come with the helmet. Visors are sold separately.

Biltwell Bonanza Helmet – Gloss Vintage White ( XXL )

If you want a helmet that can be seen from a distance when you are riding on the road then you want a white helmet. The bright white color of this open face helmet insures that you will be at least twice as visible to other motorist.

You probably thought the color of your helmet was merely a decorative touch, but the color provides more visibility.

The inner padding provides comfort, but it also plays a part in keeping you safe when you have an accident. The cushion helps prevent serious injury.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with ‘Rebel Star” Graphic

This open face retro motorcycle helmet has many things to say about the person wearing it. The helmet says that the person wearing it likes the feel of freedom that riding a bike without a helmet provides, but they choose to wear a DOT approved helmet because they know the helmet makes them safer.

The helmet is low profile so the rider can feel as free as possible.

The helmet graphic says that the rider is patriotic, but a little bit rebellious. The red, white, and blue, lets you know that the wearer is proud of their country, and the lone white star on the side says ‘rebel’.

Vega X380 Helmet with Hell-Bent On Speed Graphic

This lightweight helmet is a great replica of vintage old open face motorcycle helmets that were worn by the serious bikers during the 60s and 70s. Serious bikers wore open face helmets, and only because they had to. This helmet represents the rebellious nature of some of those riders.

The inner padding of the helmet keeps the wearer comfortable. There is a chrome trim around the outer edges that adds detail to the graphics on the side of the helmet.

The head gear is DOT approved, and the graphic is exceptional. You get the Hell-Bent On Speed graphic with the classic skull and lightning bolt design.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with ‘Move Over’ Graphic

If the driver ahead of you on the road looks into their rear view mirror they will see the words move over are emblazoned across the front edge of your helmet. This helmet says that you are living the fast life and you do not have time to slow down and doddle.

This helmet is approved by DOT as meeting all of the safety regulations required by law. The padding helps to reduce the noise level. The details of the trim, the added snaps for visor attachment, and the chin strap let everyone know that the helmet is a protection device.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with ‘Lucky 13’ Graphic

This is an open face motorcycle helmet. Some people say that the open face motorcycle helmets are edgy, and risky. Other people say that these helmets are the closest they can get to being able to ride their bikes without any helmet.

Nothing about this open face TORC helmet will surprise you. It is a quality design open face piece of protective gear that meets all of the DOT guidelines. It has comfort padding to protect the wearer. 

It is built tough and will last a long time. It is affordable and easily obtainable. The Lucky 13 graphic makes a clear statement to the world. This rider means business.

Final Note

A vintage style open face motorcycle helmet is protection for your head in the event of a collision, but it is also a way for you to express how you feel, what you like, and who you are. It is a fashion statement that you can make. It is also a necessary motorcycle accessory required by law.

Buying an open face helmet is easier today than it ever has been. There are many online stores that you can shop at. If you know what size hat you wear, or have the measurements of your head then you can choose a helmet that will fit you properly.

Your motorcycle helmet is a reflection of the inner you. Your accessories make the riding experience more enjoyable.

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