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Best Open Face Retro Motorcycle Helmets Review In 2017

Best Open Face Retro Motorcycle Helmets Review

Open Face Retro Motorcycle Helmets are a blast from the past. In the days before there were regulations and safety violation tickets a rider could ride with the wind blowing in their face. The rider could smell the sea salt in the air, or hear the sounds of nature as they rode. Then the helmet laws changed all of that.

Today the Retro motorcycle helmets are actually replicas that look like the ones from the good old days, but they work like a new age protective device.​

Helmets make the rider safer. Open face helmets are designed to give you the maximum amount of freedom while providing the best protection they can. These helmets are meant to look fun and let you have the experience you want when you decide to ride your bike.​

This review is meant to show you some of the most popular open face retro style motorcycle helmets. I want you to see what makes the helmets popular and what safety features they include. I want you to have fun riding your bike again.

Best Retro Motorcycle Helmets In 2017 Compared

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Retro Motorcycle Helmets Review By Crazy Riders

Open face retro motorcycle helmets are the favorite helmets of people who would really prefer to ride without the cumbersome weight of a helmet at all. The open face retro style helmets are the ones we have seen around for many years. Many people ride bikes because they want the freedom, and the larger helmets interfere with the rider’s vision, and with their sense of freedom.

The laws regulate that riders must have a protective helmet. The open face helmets provide adequate protection so you do not get a safety violation while riding your bike, but they still allow you to hear the sounds around you.​

What Is Open Face Retro Motorcycle Helmets

An open face helmet worn for protection while riding a snowmobile, a scooter, or a motorcycle is one of the top chosen helmets. You may not realize that there are motorcycle helmets designed for street riding, some are designed for dirt bike riding, there are helmets for racing, and there are helmets more suited to snowmobiles. Each helmet is designed with the activity the rider will most likely engage in, and the protection they may need while they are riding.

In the early years many of the open face motorcycle helmets were actually leather skull caps. These caps help protect you from the elements of Mother Nature but they provided very little protection when the rider was in a collision. The helmets evolved over time so that they stopped the rider from being injured as severely when an accident did occur.

As time passed technology gave us lighter materials that were just as protective as the earlier heavier materials were. Then the lighter materials actually became stronger than the other materials. Today the open face helmets that you buy are some of the safest motorcycle helmets in the history of this protective head gear.

The old school motorcycle helmets look like what we remember from our youth, but they work better than ever. We get to have the style we want while we retain the level of protection that we need.

Biltwell Bonanza Half Helmet

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If you have been looking for a motorcycle helmet that is light, and that looks like a traditional classic, then this is a great option for you. This is one of the old school helmets that look like something James Dean would have worn in a movie, but the difference is this helmet weighs less than three pounds, and the ones James Dean would have worn in a movie would have weighed closer to ten pounds.

This a very low profile piece of head gear. This is one of the lowest profile old school motorcycle helmets on the market today. DOT approved for safety, and people approved for style.

Vega X380 Open Face Helmet with Old Skool Color Graphic

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When can you be certain that you have purchased one of the finest old school motorcycle helmets on the market? When you purchase a helmet that has a year warranty, you can say you have the best. When you purchase a helmet that is DOT approved, and meets European Standards of excellence, you can say you have the best.

You can also say you have the best helmet when you pay a price you can afford, for a helmet that has a style you love, and is comfortable to wear and fits you like it was custom made for your head.

¾ Retro Helmet – “Ride All Day” Open Face, Matte Black By IV2

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The retro style stitching around the PU leather trimming on this magnificent helmet adds to the beauty, and to the authenticity of the look. The inner padding adds to the look, but it also adds to the amount of protection you will have when you have an impact. This helmet is everything you want in protection, and style. Especially if you love the bad boy image of a motorcycle rider from days gone by.

The skull graphic brings the bad boy image to the forefront of your mind, while the snap on visor protects you eyes from the glare of the sun.

PGR B70 Retro PINSTRIPE Skull Black Motorcycle Helmet 

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Not everyone that wears the old school motorcycle helmets are “bad boys”. Many of the people who like the retro style of these low profile pieces of head gear are female. This matte black helmet with pink graphic detail trim is perfect for the “Bad Girls” who want this special look and style. This lightweight helmet is low profile so you do not look like a giant mushroom head. It has a dual visor that easily detaches from the front of the cap.

This design is where old school motorcycle helmets meet new age technology. It weighs about 3 pounds, and is DOT approved.

Retro DARE Devil Black Motorcycle Open Face DOT Helmet

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If you like old school motorcycle helmets that look cool, protect you in case of an accident, and are affordable, and then you want to think of buying one of the Retro Dare Devil Black motorcycle helmets from PGR. These are some of the finest protection devices that money can buy. These are some of the highest quality helmets that money can buy. These are some of the best loved styles from yesterday’s motorcycle designs.

You will get a helmet that weighs three pounds or less. It is DOT approved for safety. It has comfort padding inside, and graphics that shout out your uniqueness.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with “Rebel Star” Graphic (White, Large)

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The best thing that can be said about the old school motorcycle helmets like this one is that they muffle sound. That means all of the people who ride dirt bikes that may not have great mufflers will not have damage done to their hearing because their helmet protected them by muffling the noise.

This helmet is DOT approved and it has a removable sun visor that will stop you from having to deal with so much of the glare. The inner lining is removable so it can be washed and put back in place.​

The retro paint simply makes the helmet more attractive.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with “Rebel Star” Graphic

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The matte black paint of this open face motorcycle helmet adds to the retro look and feel. The speed and strength graphic on the helmet shows everyone that the wearer is as tough as nails, but tender at heart. These helmets are made to look strong with a soft touch. The ventilation system in the helmet helps to keep the wearer comfortable and keep their heads from getting too hot while they are riding.

The quilted lining helps to make the helmet more comfortable to wear, and to keep the wearer from getting too cold in the winter. It also absorbs some of the impact in a collision.

Zox Retro Old School Open Face Helmet (Matte Black, X- Large)

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How would you like to have a half motorcycle helmet that weighs less than one half of a pound? This retro old school open face helmet made by Zox weighs in at 0.3 ounces. You will barely know that you have a helmet on your head when wearing this.

The look is reminiscent of the motorcycle helmets that were worn during the World War II period. The color is matte instead of shiny to enhance that look.​

The snappy chin strap holds the helmet securely in place. The entire helmet is low profile, easy to wear, and a blast from the past.

Zox Retro Old School Open Face Helmet (Matte Black, X- Large)

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Do you like the “bad boy” look that motorcycle attire used to represent? The black leather jackets, the knee high leather boots, and the vintage helmets adorned with skull graphics, and cool phrases that showed the wearer to be tough, and rugged? Well those old school motorcycle helmets are not a thing of the past. They are still available today only the new ones are crafted from lighter weight materials that provide a higher degree of protection from road rash, and impact injury.

This light weight version weighs less than 3 pounds, has a one year warranty, is DOT approved, and meets European safety standards.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with Baller Graphic ( Black, Large)

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The ultra suede padding inside this helmet increases the comfort of the wearer. This material wicks the moisture away from your head so you do not have sweat getting in your eyes, or running into your ears. The cheek pads can be removed and washed so the inside of the helmet stays sanitary.

The DOT approves the helmet as being a safety device that you can wear while riding a motorcycle. The exterior shell is made of state of the art materials that protect you in case of an accident.​

The eight ball paint job says that you are a unique, fun.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with “Japanese Bobber” Graphic

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A large number of helmet designers do not create helmets that are XX large. Many of the companies that do create this size helmet do not create them with the same stylish graphics that they put on the smaller size helmets. TORC Helmet gives the wearer that wears the XX large helmets the same quality graphic designs to choose from that they provide to the other size helmets they create.

This helmet has the same DOT safety approval as the smaller sized. It has the same inner lining to wick away moisture and add impact protection. The lining is removable and so is the sun visor.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with Super Flake Specialty Paint

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Sugar and spice, and everything nice, may be what most little girls are made of, but for some little girls speed and adventure are a part of their general makeup. This open face helmet is designed for those little girls who have a need for speed, and fresh air blowing across their cheeks. 

The DOT approves of the safety features of the helmet. The inner lining is padded ultra suede.​

This material is good at wicking away moisture, and the liner has been designed to be removed and washed. So the little girl can have it clean and fresh for the next ride.

TORC (T50 Route 66) ¾ Helmet with Super Flake Specialty Paint

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The lining of this open faced motorcycle helmet can be removed so that it can be laundered. That means the helmet will stay smelling nicer. The padding also helps to add an extra measure of protection in the event of a crash by lowering the amount of impact you feel.

The medium size helmet will fit someone who wears a size 6 and 7/8 hat or has a head that is 20 and 7/8 inches in circumference.​

The safety features of this helmet are approved by the DOT for protection.

The sun visor is removable.

The sparkle paint creates a retro look.

Things to Be Considered Before Buying Retro Motorcycle Helmets

Looking for that retro helmet to complete your look? Or just to show off your taste? There are some great retro motorcycle helmets on the market today. They look just like the originals and are manufactured to be the same styles, but there are some distinct differences. The ones you are sure to find on the internet are actually new and improved.

You will get the same great look, but with a lot more safety and other things in mind. Many people like the retro style not just because of the style, but because they were less cumbersome. They tended to be a little heavier though, which after a long ride could become uncomfortable. Back years ago, when the original makes were made there were not as many helmet laws either. Those laws have been put into place for a good reason. So many want to stay within the law while still having some wind in their face.

Retro Helmet Improvements

Let’s go ahead and go over some of the changes in retro helmets. That way you know what to consider before buying, because some things have changed. Most for the better in many people’s eyes.

  • Fit, the fit may be different than you may remember if you ever wore the original make. While the style is the same, there may be more padding may change the way it feels.
  • Sits higher on the head, there have been some that say it feels like or looks like the helmet sits higher on the head. It could be due to the padding in the helmet.
  • More safety improvements such as testing, materials, stronger straps and more.
  • DOT certified, means they have went through proper testing process and they meet and exceed all requirements. It is also the certification that makes allowed under most laws.

Those are main improvements that have changed with the retro helmets. Even though they have some great advancements, from the outside they look just like the originals. Just make sure that if you have helmet laws in your state that the helmet you purchase does carry the DOT certification on it. There is typically an emblem signifying it somewhere on the helmet usually on the front or back of helmet.

Final Thoughts

Since the fit could be different then it was years ago, picking the correct size is important. Always make sure to measure accordingly for a proper fit, this is especially important when buying online where you cannot try on. Also, make sure helmet has a warranty as well, it is a great way to know you are dealing with a reputable company.

When it comes to the design, that is all your choice that is where you can choose what look suits you. The designs that are on helmets today are also applied in a way that they will last a long time. They tend to hold up to the elements better since the finishes used are more advanced as well.

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