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Best TORC Helmet Review | Buyer's Guide and Comparison Chart 2021

Best TORC Helmet Review

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TORC Helmet Review and Buying Guide

This design of helmet has been around for decades. They provide the protection you need without making you hot and miserable. I do not think that I could ride wearing the full face cover. I would hate breathing my own breath, and having the face panel cloud up during temperature changes.

TORC T50 Route 66 ¾ Helmet with Flying Tiger Graphic (Large)

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If you are a motorcycle rider that wants to experience the wind, and the freedom, as much as possible then the TORC T50 Route 66 is the perfect helmet for your needs. It provides the basic protection a rider needs in case of an accident, and yet it affords some freedom as well.

The interior of the helmet is lined with an ultra suede fabric. The material will actually wick moisture away from your skin.

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The inner padding of this comfortable lightweight helmet is completely machine washable. If you have ever had a helmet that had a non-removable liner you know how badly they can start to smell after a short period of time. This ultra suede fabric wicks moisture away from your skin, and you can pop it out, wash it, and replace it with ease.

The helmet is very light and the paint job makes it look like a vintage helmet.

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This lime colored helmet sparkles and attracts the eye of onlookers like no other open faced helmet can. The paint detail is very retro and will give you a unique looking open faced helmet, while the attention to detail, and the safety features will provide you with the best open face helmet.

This particular protective device has cheek pads that can be removed and laundered. It is light weight, dependable, and DOT approved for safety.

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If you are shopping for open face helmets online and you want one that is unique, then this root beer brown open faced crash helmet should interest you. You will like the fact that this helmet is light in weight, and it has cheek pads that can be removed and washed.

You will love the sun visor that can be removed when you choose. You will like that it is DOT approved. Perfect color, perfect weight, perfect helmet.

TORC T50 Route 66 ¾ Helmet with Lucky 13 Bullhead graphic

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The open face motor cycle helmets you buy should be safety devices that are DOT approved. You want something that is going to protect you in the event of an accident, but you also want something that shows your sense of style.

Your style will be represented on this open face crash helmet through the flat black paint, the Lucky 13 graphic with the head of the bull. This design shows your  rebel nature.

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The red super flake paint on this open faced helmet makes it stand out from the crowd. Open faced motorcycle helmets should protect the wearer, and this DOT helmet does that, and they should be easily noticed. The red flake paint makes sure that everyone is going to see you.

The sun visor and the comfort padding are both removable from this light weight helmet. If you are shopping for open face helmets online this is one of the best.

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If you are shopping for open face helmets online, and you want to find the best open face helmet, then you have found the right one. This extra large piece of protective head gear is approved by DOT. That means it meets all safety standards. It is white so it is easily visible and will help prevent motorcycle collisions with passenger vehicles. The comfort padding can be removed and washed, and it weighs less than four pounds.

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Open face motorcycle helmets are not just for boys anymore. This bubble gum pink open faced helmet will protect the head of a small female, or a female youth while giving them the color and pizzazz they want. Style is important to young men. Style is crucial to young women. This bubble gum pink helmet provides the style and it provides the protection that is critical. This helmet is approved by the DOT as having met all safety standards required.

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The eight ball is a highly recognizable symbol that makes a profound statement about the person wearing the helmet it adorns. This graphic is place on open face motorcycle helmets to show that the person wearing the helmet is fun-lov8ing and free spirited.

The lightweight ABS shell of this open faced helmet conforms to all of the DOT specifications. The ultra suede padding inside the helmet provides comfort. The eight ball graphic simply provides originality.

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This is one of the best open face helmet designs on the market today. You will notice the retro look of the helmet, and that the open face crash helmets look like classics. This blast from the past is made with an advanced ABS shell. It is lightweight and has ultra suede comfort padding to make it even more pleasurable to wear. It has a sun visor that is easy to remove and the interior cheek pads can be removed.

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The key features of this TORC helmet are the lightweight construction. The removable inner padding made of ultra suede. This padding can be washed and replaced so the helmet always smells nice, and the removable sun visor to help you drive on days of bright sunlight, and the DOT certification of approval.

The best selling feature for this helmet is the flat black paint on the retro shaped head protector. In other words, it looks cool.

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The open face helmets online do not often combine the retro look of classic open face crash helmets with the advanced technology of newer open faced motorcycle helmets. This particular piece of headgear does have the retro look, the new technology, and all of the safety features you want.

This is a DOT approved safety device. It has a sun visor for those bright days that is easy to remove. The padding can be removed and washed.

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The retro paint on this fashionable open faced helmet will appeal to the creative side in you. The fact that these open face motorcycle helmets received the DOT approval for use as safety devices will appeal to the sensible side of you. If you put the two together you will have the best open face helmet on the market.

This is a combination of the latest technology in the lightweight construction and the ultra suede padding.

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Designed to fit a hat size of 6 and 7/8, or a head that is 21 and 5/8 to 22 inches. Small individuals often have a hard time finding equipment like open face crash helmets that fit them properly. This golden beauty will fit you well and will provide you with all of the comfort and safety features that you desire.

The inner padding is ultra suede. The outer shell is lightweight and the entire unit is DOT approved.

Final Note

If you want to ride your motorcycle and feel the freedom of the wind blowing in your face then a ¾ helmet is perfect for you. These helmets are safety rated and they provide adequate protection, but mostly they provide you with a way to meet safety requirements without wearing the hot full face shield helmets.

This summer try a ¾ open faced helmet and ride in comfort. You will be cooler and you will be able to enjoy the fresh aromas when you ride down the beach, or you pass that freshly cut field of hay.

These helmets provide ample noise reduction, and they are attractive to look at.

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