Open Face Helmets Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

The following questions are the most frequently asked questions concerning open face helmets.

What are the Best Open Face Helmets?

The best open face helmets are the one that fit your head properly, and come with an inner lining to protect you during impact. The best helmets will also meet the DOT safety regulation standards.

What style motorcycle helmet should I buy?

This will depend on the style of motorcycle riding you do. Most riders who are street riders prefer the open face helmets, while most dirt bike riders prefer full coverage helmets.

Should I go for a full face or open face helmet when riding a scooter?

When you are riding a scooter an open face helmet will provide you more freedom, and more comfort that a full face helmet will. Scooters travel at lower speeds and the open face helmet should be more than adequate for your safety.

Is it unwise to ride a motorcycle with an open-face helmet?

Some people say that the open face helmet will allow the rider to suffer more injuries than the full face helmet does, and other people say the exact opposite. As long as you are using a helmet that meets or exceeds DOT standards you are going to be protected. A helmet that has an inner lining will afford you a little extra impact protection.

Why do police officers still wear open face helmets on motorcycles?

The open face helmet does not obstruct their view in the way that the full face helmets can. Full face helmets can also be hot and uncomfortable in the summer months.

Which helmet lock is available for open face helmets for motorbikes?

A cable lock that is just long enough to pull through the helmet face. It has a pad lock that is operated with a key.

What are the pros and cons of an open face helmet?


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  • More freedom of movement
  • You can feel the wind in your face
  • Cooler to wear
  • Does not obstruct vision as much
  • Lighter
  • More affordable


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  • Does not offer as much protection from elements of Mother Nature
  • May not give as much protection in the event of an accident
  • Does not muffle noise as well
  • May not fit as tightly

Which motorcycle helmets are safer, the open-faced ones or the full face ones?

The answer to that question will depend on the helmet, the materials they are made from, and the type of accident you have. An open face helmet will expose you to more road rash if you skid down pavement, but a full face helmet can shatter and the pieces can imbed in your skin.

What types of helmet are best for ladies (scooter riders)?

Open face helmets are far better for ladies riding scooters. They are less bulky, and they allow more of an unobstructed view.

How to quiet an open face helmet

You can add inner padding or ear flaps to help reduce the noises you hear while wearing your open face helmet.

How to fit an open face helmet

You need to measure the circumference of your head. Each helmet manufacturer will tell you what circumference their different size helmets fit. These sizes vary so always check to be certain you are buying the right size.

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