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Best Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet Reviews In 2017

Best Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

A matte black motorcycle helmet is designed to protect the head of a motorcycle rider in the event of an accident. There is very little protection for a motorcycle rider and the safety helmet is a crucial item that all riders should strap on before they crank the machine.

Matte black is a very popular color for this type of safety head gear, but not all matte black helmets are designed the same, or have the same features. You have to shop around for a helmet that fits you properly in design shape and in size. You also want a helmet that has other features that will make your riding experiences more enjoyable.​

Best Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet​ - Comparison Chart




Size available


HJC Metallic FG-JET ¾ Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Hi Visibility Yellow/Medium

4 Pounds


Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor (Large)

2.3 Pounds


Duke Helmets DK – 120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Large, Matte Black

4 Pounds


Duke Helmets DK – 120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Large, Matte Black

4 Pounds


Duke Helmets DK – 120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Large, Matte Black

4.5 Pounds

S, M, L, XL

Duke Helmets DK – 120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Large, Matte Black

3.4 Pounds

M, L, XL

Duke Helmets DK – 120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Large, Matte Black

4.7 Pounds


Matte Black Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

The following matte black motorcycle helmets are ones that I found to have the best safety features, and the best features to improve the riding experience. They are all basically light weight and for the most part they all offer freedom, and security at the same time.​

Duke Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DK-140

No products found.

This is a size medium helmet that measures twenty two and thirteen sixteenths to twenty three and one quarter inches. You want to measure your head before ordering a helmet because safety gear for your head protection must have a precise fit to work properly.

The is a matte black motorcycle helmet that has a sleek appearance. The sleek appearance is created by the aerodynamic shell design. The helmet is very lightweight because it is made from a composite poly-alloy that is light, but very strong. It provides the ultimate protection in the event of an accident.

The head piece has been designed to meet the department of transportation FMVSS-218 safety requirement guidelines. These guidelines have been established by the department of transportation after they have reviewed the injuries that the majority of people sustain in an accident. The head gear has been designed to protect against the most frequent injuries sustained in such an event.

This piece comes with a carry bag to keep it looking great. It comes with a clear visor and with a tinted visor that are easily interchangeable. It also comes with a liner that can be removed and washed so your helmet stays clean.

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor

No products found.

This is a piece of safety head gear that is approved for people who are riding their motorcycles on public streets and highways. It has been designed and crafted to meet or exceed all of the guidelines established by the department of transportation.

You will hear less wind and have less noise to contend with when you are wearing this device. It has been designed to reduce the amount of wind and noise the rider hears.

The circulation vents help to keep you cool while you ride. Many people worry that a matte black helmet will be too hot for them during the summer months, but the circulation vents in this helmet decreases the temperature inside the head piece. The vents reduce sweating and odor in the helmet because they allow fresh air in.

This is a full face helmet that completely protects the rider. It comes with a clear visor and a tinted visor. A tinted visor helps to reduce the eye strain that riding on bright sunny days can bring on. The visors are easy to remove and change so you can switch from tinted during the day to clear when you ride at night, or during times of inclement weather.

Duke Helmets DK – 120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, Large, Matte Black

No products found.

This is a size large matte black motorcycle helmet. The head piece weighs about four pounds, and it has been designed to meet all of the safety requirements established by the department of transportation.

The ventilation system has seven points so the air circulation inside the helmet is perfect. Your head will not get too hot and you will not have sweat running in your eyes while you are trying to ride.

The interior liner of this type of head gear can quickly start to smell bad. This piece is designed so that the interior liner is easy to remove. You can wash the liner and replace it so your helmet always smells fresh.

The head piece comes with a clear view visor and a tinted visor. The visors are very easy to put into place so you can always have the best vision possible.

This item also comes standard with a carrying bag to protect it from scratches or damages when it is not being used. It has a quick release chin strap that is comfortable to wear and easy to remove.

This is a full face helmet that has a sleek design. It is very attractive and provides the utmost in protection.

Fuel Helmets SH – FF0015 Full Face Helmet, Gloss Black, Medium

No products found.

Air circulation is one of the most important factors when you select a full face helmet like this one. A full face helmet covers your eyes, your nose, and your mouth, where the other helmets cover the top of your head and possibly your ears. The full face version offers a lot more protection to the rider. This head piece has dual vented diffusers to create the maximum amount of air circulation that is possible in a device like this. Your head will stay cool and protected while you are riding.

The shield that covers your face has a quick release so you can change it from clear to tinted, or you can even ride without it if you choose. Some people prefer to wear goggles, especially people who wear corrective eyewear. The cheek pads can be taken out and washed so the inside of the helmet remains cleaner and smells better.

The head piece is designed to meet the department of transportation guidelines for safety features and regulations. Safety is an important consideration for people who ride motorcycles because a motorcycle offers no protection if you are in an accident. The protective head gear that you purchase is the only thing that will prevent you from having life threatening injuries if you are in an accident. This head piece provides all of the mandatory protective features plus a few extra.

GLX Dual Visor Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

No products found.

The main reason behind purchasing a full face helmet like this piece of protective head gear is to prevent serious injury in the event of an accident. It also prevents minor irritations like dirt and debris flying into your eyes, and it can protect your skin from wind and sun burns.

The main reason why people are reluctant to buy full face coverage protective head gear for motorcycle riding is because the full face gear is nice to have when the temperatures are cold, but they can be very hot when the temperatures are warm.

This piece of head gear has a three stage ventilation system that allows the air to flow through the helmet and to be channeled so that it cools your head properly and makes riding comfortable.

The smoke colored face shield is not permanently attached. It can be taken off easily if you desire to do so. Many people who wear protective eyewear do not like to wear the face shields. Some people like the option of being able to change their shields out from smoke colored to clear, or even to prescription shields that improve their vision.

The straps that hold the helmet firmly in place have a quick release so it is not a struggle to get the safety device off when you want to do so.

Matte Black Modular Flip up Helmet DOT 936 (Large)

No products found.

This is an adult sized safety device intended to be worn when a person is riding a motorcycle. This helmet is approved for wear when the rider is driving on all roads or streets because it meets or exceeds the standards established by the department of transportation.

This safety helmet has an inner liner that will help to absorb the force of an impact. This allows you to have a higher than average chance that you will survive an impact with injuries that are less severe.

This is a perfect blue tooth helmet. You have to buy the Blue tooth unit separately but the helmet is ready for the installation of the unit.

The device comes with a tinted visor. The visor has a push button that flips it up when you do not want it covering your eyes. This feature allows you to move the visor with the touch of one finger instead of having to remove the visor and then reinstall it. Your visor will stay on the helmet so you do not take a chance of losing it while you are not using it.

You get a cloth carry bag to put the head gear in when you are not wearing it. This cloth bag will protect the head piece from getting dirty or becoming scuffed.

LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

This LS2 helmet allows the rider to control the amount of air they have and the amount of light they are exposed to. The visor flips up when the rider wants to feel more air on their face. The shield is optically correct so you will always have a clear view through it, and it is large so you have a large field of vision. When you are riding you want to have an unobstructed view in front of you and in your peripheral vision as well. Being safe on a motorcycle requires that you can see what is going on around you at all times.

Your protective helmet does not do anything for you if it is not the right size and not properly seated on your head. The three point chin strap ensures that the helmet will be properly seated on your head and that it will remain in the proper position as you are riding. The buckle to the chin strap has a quick release for when you are ready to remove the helmet.

Most safety helmets have ventilation so allow air to flow through the head gear and keep the rider cool, but this open face helmet has adjustable vents so the rider can control the amount of air that flows through their helmet. In the winter months you might not want as much air flowing into the helmet, or people with sensitive ears might want less air moving through the helmet. You will be in control when you wear this item.

HJC CL-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Matte Black, Large)

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The biggest concern of most people about a black full face helmet is the amount of heat it will produce in the hotter months of the year. This HJC helmet has a moisture wicking liner that takes any perspiration produced and wicks it away. The ventilation system allows air to enter through the front of the head piece and flow through to the back. As the air flows through the helmet it will lift the heat and humidity out of the head piece and leave the rider cool and comfortable.

The cheek pads in this helmet can be removed for cleaning. This reduces the possibility of foul odors developing in the helmet.

The shield replacement system is a unique one that requires no tools in order for you to take the shield off and replace it. You can quickly change from a tinted version shield to a clear version without using any tools.

The face shield that comes with the helmet provides ninety five percent ultra violet light protection. It has a side locking mechanism to make the shield fit securely and that allows it to have the best anti fog system available.

The safety features that have been included in this device make it one of the best matte black motorcycle helmets on the market today.

Motorcycle / Snowmobile Matte Black Dual Visor Modular Helmet DOT

No products found.

This safety helmet gives you the choice of having a full helmet or a half helmet. The visor can be lifted by pushing one button. When you push the button and flip the visor up you change the helmet from a full coverage helmet to a half helmet that provides more air and a greater feeling of freedom for some riders.

The thermoplastic shell technology used to create this item increases the strength of the safety helmet while keeping the weight of the helmet to a minimum.

The visor is made of an anti scratch material so you will be able to see more clearly for a longer period of time. The biggest complaint that anyone has about visors on motorcycle helmets is that they usually scratch easily and once they are scratched they limit your vision. This helmet hs a visor that will resist scratching so you can wear it longer and see better while you are wearing it.

Heat inside a safety helmet is a major factor. If your head is too hot then you perspire. Perspiration can trickle from your head down your neck to distract you or it can trickle into your eyes and make it difficult for you to see the road. This helmet is fully vented with ten different venting ports to insure that you have ample air flow on your head.

ILM Colors Motorcycle Flip Up Modular Helmet DOT (M, Matte Black)

No products found.

When you strap on a motorcycle helmet you want to be able to ride in comfort and style. Many people resist the wearing of these safety devices because they fear that the helmets will restrict their vision, cause them to be too hot, and reduce the amount of enjoyment they have when they ride their bikes. A motorcycle is a symbol of freedom or rebellion, and the rider does not want to be saddled with a heavy helmet that they find obtrusive. This helmet addresses the issue of the noise and reduces the noise so the person riding will be more comfortable.

This safety helmet will give the rider all of the support and protection that is required by the department of transportation guidelines while allowing the rider to have as much freedom as possible.

The visor is a wide one which will provide a clear view for the driver of the machine. The visor is designed to resist scratching and to not fog up. When a visor fogs up it restricts the vision of the rider and can lead to accidents. This helmet has a visor designed to resist fogging.

The sleek design not only looks great but it also helps to reduce the amount of noise the rider hears while they are riding. Some people say that the air rushing through a helmet is too noisy for them to be able to concentrate on driving the machine. 

Scorpion EXO-900X Transformer Helmet 3-in-1 Street Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

There is a sun visor in this safety helmet. You may not want to wear the sun visor all of the time but with this safety device you do not have to because there is a switch that you can flip that allows you to control the visor. You do not even have to stop the bike to make the adjustment.

The drop down visor is a dark smoke color and it provides one hundred percent ultra violet light protection. The visors have a hardened coating applied that makes it very difficult to get a scratch on the visor.

Scratches ruin your field of vision but these visors are designed to keep you with a clear field of vision. The polycarbonate shell is a light weight shell that has the strength of heavier materials. You will get less neck strain when wearing a safety helmet that is made of this lighter material.

The helmet is lined and the lining will help to absorb some of the impact if you were to be involved in an accident. Even the chin strap is lined for comfort. You want a motorcycle helmet to be as comfortable as possible so you will not dread wearing it.

What Is Matte Black Passion

You may have noticed the decrease in the brightly colored motorcycle helmets that were popular in the late nineteen nineties and seen the increase in the number of matte black motorcycle helmets that are being worn. A lot of people do not like the matte black versions because they are not as shiny and they do not individualize the rider to the same degree that the brightly colored versions of safety head gear did.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the matte black colored helmets is because of competition riders. Competition riders are taped by cameras like television cameras because the competitions are often aired on television.

The colored helmets do not always film well because of the different types of paint that is used to create them and when the helmet paints do not film well they look fuzzy on film. If the race is being aired on live television then there is not an opportunity for someone to correct the fuzzy image so the majority of riders have started wearing the matte black colored head gear so the images on film are clear and concise.

The other reason for the popularity in these safety devices is that they are reminiscent of older head pieces that were worn when motorcycle riding was a brand new activity. People like the retro looking helmets and they choose to wear them to show an appreciation of the older style, and to form their own sense of style.

The black helmets look tougher than the bright colored helmets do and many men want to appear more masculine as they ride. The black head gear is not flashy but it is protective and serves the purpose of wearing it.

Some people believe that the black head pieces are too hot to wear in the summer months, and some riders keep a summer helmet and a winter helmet. The black is not really much hotter than the other colors because the air flows allow the heads of the riders to be kept cool.

Final Verdicts

If you ride a motorcycle then you have to wear a motorcycle helmet. The law of the land requires you to wear protective head pieces because so many people have had serious injuries when they were not wearing these items. You should also know that you have to wear a safety helmet simply because you want to be as protected as possible in the event of an accident.

These devices are uniquely different and they allow you to show your sense of style, and your personal likes when you wear them. They are the single most important accessory for motorcycle riders, all terrain vehicle riders, and riders of motorized scooters.

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