How to Buy Open Face Helmet [ Step by Step Buying Guide ]

Open Face Helmet

If you have decided that you would like to buy an open face helmet then your next step is to choose one of these items that will be right for your needs. There are many things to consider when you are buying an open face helmet.

The following list is of some of the things you should consider before you buy an open face helmet. There are some other things that you might want to consider as well, but these things will help you make a better selection.

Helmet Fit – 1st Step to Buy Open Face Helmet

The main thing that you need to worry about when you buy an open face helmet, or a full face helmet, is how the head gear fits your head. If you buy a piece of equipment that does not fit properly then it cannot provide you with the protection that you need.

Measure your head to find out the circumference. Take a soft measuring tape, like the ones used by a seamstress, and measure around your forehead. You want to position the tape about half an inch above your eyebrows. This is the largest portion of your head and you buy a helmet based on that number.

If you know what size hat you wear you can also buy your helmet according to the hat size you wear.

Each manufacturer may size their helmets slightly different. Read the sizes that the manufacturer lists, and what size heads those sizes are supposed to fit.

Look at your head shape

The size of your head will determine the fit of the helmet you buy, but the shape of your head will also determine if the helmet is going to fit properly. Some people have round heads and some have long heads. We have to buy a helmet that will fit our head shape.

Try the helmet on before you decide to use it as a safety device. Make sure it is snug, that it is comfortable, and that it does not move on your head.

Does the Helmet meet Safety Standards?

Each country has guidelines that tell a motorcycle rider what safety requirements their helmet must meet in order for it to provide the minimum amount of protection in the event of a crash. Make sure that the helmet you are considering meets the safety standards for where you live, and the type of riding you will be doing.

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  • DOT is the Department of Transportation in the United States. Any helmet you buy should meet or exceed their safety standards, and should be approved by the DOT
  • 02 is the European equivalent of the DOT standards. If you ride in Europe your helmet must meet these safety guidelines, or you could be ticketed.
  • Snell2010 is a not for profit organization in the United States that has developed a stringent list of safety standards a helmet should meet. These guidelines are not mandatory but they are worth considering.

Design Style

You want an open face helmet that is designed in a way that you find attractive, and to accommodate your needs. Some considerations of the design style include:

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  • Does it come with a sun visor
  • Will the sun visor be removable
  • Does it come with goggles
  • How does the chin strap fasten
  • Does it have a lining
  • Can the lining be removed and washed
  • Is it a Bluetooth compatible helmet
  • Is it vented
  • Do I have color or graphic choices

Return Policy and Warranty

This is an important part of buying a helmet if you are ordering online. You want to make sure that you can return the open face helmet if it does not fit properly, or it is damaged. Consider the following things about the manufacture return policy and warranty guarantees.

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  • How long do you have to return
  • Do you need to have the original box to make a return
  • If the helmet is defective will the manufacturer replace
  • If the helmet is defective will the manufacturer pay the shipping cost
  • Are returns limited to defects only
  • How long is the warranty and what exactly does it cover
  • Can you buy an extended warranty for added protection

The price of the helmet

Price plays a big part in everything that we buy. We all live on budgets and we have to buy items that fit within those budget limitations. When you are considering the price of the helmet think about:

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  • The cost of the helmet
  • The shipping cost of the helmet
  • The safety features the helmet has
  • The materials it is made of

Buying the cheapest open face helmet may not allow you to buy the safest open face helmet. Make sure that the item you are buying is the safest one that you can afford.

Optional Accessories

You should always consider the optional accessories that you might be able to buy to go with your new helmet. Goggles, sun visors, face shields, ear guards, and such should be considered.

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