Best HJC Helmets Review In 2017 | Expert Analysis and Buying Guide

I believe you already know the value of HJC helmets. Either it's an open face or a full face helmet HJC always stands for the top. 

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Now, the big question comes: which HJC model is perfect fitted for me? This is the reason why I write this HJC Helmets Review article. This review includes some top rated HJC open face and full faced helmets, which were selected based on their popularity, durability and price. We also interviewed some of riders who use HJC helmets for selection purpose. 

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​Best HJC Helmets Review - Comparison Chart




Size available


HJC IS-2 SCHADE MC-5 Size: XSM Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

HJC IS-2 Schade MC-5

2.4 pounds


HJC IS-2 ANTHRACITE Size- Medium Motorcycle Open-Face Helmet

HJC IS-2 Anthracite

5.5 pounds


HJC Metallic FG-JET ¾ Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Hi Visibility Yellow/Medium

HJC Metallic FG-JET

4.7 pounds

2XL, S, M, L, XL,XXL

HJC Solid FG-JET Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Matte Black X Large

HJC Solid FG-JET 3/4

4.8 pounds

2XL, S, M, L, XL

HJC Men’s IS-2 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Wine Large

HJC Mens IS-2

3.4 pounds


Best HJC Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Reviews In Details

1. HJC CL-17 Mission Full-Face Black Motorcycle Helmet

This full-face helmet has all your safety needs covered while still making sure it is comfortable to wear. The helmet is constructed of a polycarbonate shell, which is one of the best materials for handling impacts as well.

When you want to change shields out it is fast, easy and tool-less. Featuring the RapidFire Shield Replacement System. Shield provided is anti-scratch, has 3D design and 95 % UV protection.

Mission Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

You will stay cool with this helmet on thanks to the ACS Advanced channeling system. As well as the moisture wicking interior that works to keep your head dry and comfortable during those rides.

2. HJC CL-17 Full-Face Aerodynamic Motorcycle Helmet

You will be able to see everything perfectly while still being able to see what you need to with this helmet. The shield has a 3D design that is anti-scratch and is two stage as well. One finger open close locking makes it easy to do one handed.

You will always stay cool with the advanced venting this helmet offers up as well. The ventilation runs all the way from front to back, so your whole head stays cool not just part of it. Cheek pads are removable as well with this helmet if needed.

HJC Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Liner is removeable for easy cleaning and in between cleaning you can appreciate that the fabric is anti-bacterial as well. If needed cheek pads are interchangeable if you need to change them out as well.

3. HJC IS-Max II Modular APC Helmet with Chin Bar

This helmet goes that extra step for you in safety providing you with a chin bar. It can be easily released when needed with a single button one handed designed release. You have a single button open/close function as well for the full-face shield.

You will enjoy total comfort even on those long rides thanks to the polycarbonate shell and CAD technology used in this helmet. The liner and cheek pads are removable for easy cleaning. Material is also made of welcomed anti-bacterial material.

MAX II Modular Motorcycle Helmet

You will see clearly with the one touch integrated superior pinlock faceshield. Changing shields is as simple as sliding the old one off and the new one on. No need for tools, which is always a great thing as well. Fully vented for your comfort as well during riding.

4. HJC IS-17 Full-Face Compact Shell Helmet

This great compact helmet is a great solution for anyone looking for a smaller full face helmet. Don’t let size fool you though, it has some great options like the larger ones. It has a multiple density EPS liner for comfort that can be removed and cleaned with ease.

It also helps to keep the sun out of your eyes with a one-touch integrated smoked tinted sunshield. You can even enable it with gloves on with ease. The 3D anti-scratch pin-lock face shield also offers up to 95% UV protection as well.

HJC IS-17 Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

To keep you cool it has a channeling ventilation design that goes all the from front to back. Moving all the warm air and moisture out of the rear holes. That way you can enjoy your ride with less sweat and heat buildup.

5. HJC RPHA-Max Align Modular Fully Vented Motorcycle Helmet

You will be seeing clear when you are sporting this modular helmet. It comes complete with a fog resistant clear pinlock insert. As well as featuring a smoke tinted sunshield for those bright days. It features a two-stage closure, since this has an eye port gasket for secure seal giving you a quieter helmet.

Front to back ventilation, allowing fresh cool air in and pushing hot humid air out. Giving you a comfortable temped helmet interior during riding.​

MAX Align Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The lining is made of anti-bacterial material and can be remove for cleaning when needed. It also has self-cooling properties as well to aid in keeping cool.

When you are in a hurry and need to change out shields, there are no tools needed. You can change out shields in a matter of minutes or less once you know how. Helmet meets all requirements required by most places as well.

Best HJC Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Reviews In Details

1. HJC CL-33 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

This open face motorcycle helmet takes advantage of advanced technology to create a protection device that is comfortable for the user to wear. You will enjoy wearing this device because the two shell sizes make sure that your device fits you perfectly.

The open faced helmet comes with a flip up face shield. The face shield is scratch resistant, and you can customize its look.

You can get a mirrored shield, a smoke colored shield, a dark smoke shield, or a clear shield. The shield can be removed without the use of any tools. You will have four vents. Two forward intake vents along with two side vents.

2. HJC CS-2N Flat Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The shell of this open face helmet is lightweight. It is made from a thermoplastic alloy shell that allows the finished product to be light and comfortable. The inner padding is made out of a brushed Nylex that is soft and plush. The neck curtain is easily removed because it is attached by a zipper.

This protection device is considered to be the best open face helmet because it is made by one of the number one producers of motorcycle helmets in the United States.​

The materials that go into the construction of these helmets are the finest available, and that is backed by high quality craftsmanship, which makes this as one of the best open face helmets in the market.

3. HJC IS-33 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

You will be amazed by the sun shield on this open faced helmet. There is a patent pending on it. You can choose one of three positions for the sun shield to remain at. The shield will lock into place and because it is made of materials that provide you with ninety five percent UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The ventilation system inside the helmets is designed to flow the air from the front of the helmets to the back.

This movement of air allows the heat and humidity that accumulates inside the head gear to be moved upwards and escape through a vent.

4. HJC Helmets CL-33 Helmet (Black, Large)

The CL-33 is an amazing open helmet with a protector shield for your face that can be easily removed. On those really cold mornings you can have the protection of the shield, and on those hot summer days when you want the cool breeze on your skin you can simply take the protector shield off.

This open faced helmet provides all of the safety features that the DOT requires, and has the DOT approval.

The inner lining is made from Nylex which is 100% polyester. The lining can be easily removed and washed at your convenience. That means helmets that do not smell.

5. HJC Mattes & Metallics IS-33 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

An open face motorcycle helmet is perfect for providing protection from injury during an accident, and they allow you to enjoy the sensation of riding a motorcycle. One of the reasons you ride a motorcycle is so that you have the feeling of freedom that it can provide. The downside to an open helmet can be the days when the wind is cold. On those days you will appreciate the sunshield visor system these helmets offer.

Many people remember the older style of helmets that were hot and uncomfortable, but with the new ventilation system in this open faced helmet the hot air rises to the top and is released. Matte black version of this helmet is available besides 9 other colors. 

6. HJC Solid FG-JET ¾ Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The best open face helmet is one that comes with a face shield that is easy to remove. The FG-JET does come with a face shield that you can remove without any tools. The best open face helmet comes in several sizes so you can get a perfect fit. The FG-JET comes in three sizes to insure that you get the perfect fit. The best open face helmet meets all of the DOT safety standards. The FG-JET has the DOT stamp of approval.

These helmets are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They have sun protection built into their face shield and a ventilation system that removes hot air.

7. HJC CS-5 CS5 CRUISERN Black Size: XXL Motorcycle Open-Face-Helmet

Many of you already know that HJC is currently the top selling open face motorcycle helmet manufacturer. They create helmets that are made of high quality materials and have excellent craftsmanship put into them. The CS5 is no exception to the rule.

An open helmet is great, but you need a face shield sometimes. The CS5 comes with an easy to remove face shield.

This lightweight helmet weighs less than three pounds. It is an attractive design that is painted glossy black. It has a ventilation system that allows the humidity and the heat that gets trapped in the helmet to be lifted up through the top of the helmets.

8. HJC CS-2N Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Silver XXL

The removable neck curtain on this open face motorcycle helmet insures that you can be warm in the winter months and not swelter during summer rides.

The comfortable liner in these helmets will also increase the amount of protection you have in case of an accident. The ventilation system will insure that you do not overheat while riding.

This open faced helmet is DOT approved so you know that it meets or exceeds the safety standards applied to this type of protective head gear.

You can also get several extras for these helmets. You can buy ear warmers that have built in speaker pockets, and optional shields.

9. HJC CS-5 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

This open faced motorcycle helmet has a visor that is adjustable and that makes the helmet resist air less to allow it to be more aerodynamic. The visor on this open helmet is held on by three snaps so it can be easily removed.

The liner used in this motorcycle open face protective head gear is designed to absorb some of the impact when you are in an accident.

The DOT approves of this open faced helmet as being a proper protective device, and the added liner simply makes it that much safer. The forehead vents can be adjusted.

10. HJC CS-2N Light Silver Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The best open face helmet is one that is made to fit you properly. If the open face motorcycle helmet you buy is too large it will not protect you in an accident, and if it is too small it will be uncomfortable and may cause injury. The CS-2N comes in sizes that fit hat sizes ranging from 6 5/8ths to an 8.

The silver paint on the helmet makes it attractive and the quality materials and craftsmanship make it safe to wear. The DOT approves this open faced helmet for all motorcycle riders.

11. HJC Solid FG-JET ¾ Open Face Motorcycle Helmet – White

Open face motorcycle helmets need liners to help absorb the shock of impact, and to help make them comfortable to wear. These helmets have a liner made of a material that will wick the moisture away from your scalp so you have less sweat running into your eyes, or down your neck.

The liners are also odor eliminating material to help keep your open faced helmet smelling fresh.

Another attractive feature of the FG-JET open helmet is the perfected ventilation system that helps remove the heat and humidity from inside the helmet. This allows you to remain cool no matter what the weather is like.

12. HJC IS-2 ANTHRACITE Size: Medium Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

The ANTHRACITE open helmet by HJC is one of the best open face helmet designs available today. The HJC helmets are constructed to meet the DOT standards of protection, and they are made from the very best materials available today.

That is why HJC is one of the top sellers of open face motorcycle helmet and protective gear.

The ANTHRACITE will protect you while you ride, and it will offer you added comfort that many other helmets do not. You will receive a ventilation system that will keep you cool while you ride. You will receive a face shield that has been designed to be easy to remove.

13. HJC Metallic FG-JET ¾ Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Hi Visibility

An open face motorcycle helmet is designed to protect the bike rider in case of an accident. The main cause of motorcycle accidents is other motorist not seeing the bike and rider.

This hi visibility yellow open faced helmet will virtually eliminate the chance that other motorist do not see the bike and rider.

The easy to remove face shield on this open faced helmet will add even more protection for the rider. The comfortable lining makes the helmets fit better, and it adds a measure of impact protection in case of accident. The lining material is designed so that it wicks moisture away.

14. HJC FG-JET Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet (Black, X-Large)

The stylish look of the HJC open faced motorcycle helmets make them attractive to buyers. The design elements that make them win approval from the DOT are what make them safe for riders to wear. Not all helmets are created equal. When you are looking for the best open face helmet you must look for DOT approval, a padding that helps reduce impact and wicks away moisture, a sun shield that has added ultra violet protection.

The proper size and fit, and air flow vents that help keep you cool. All of these features are found in this open faced helmet.

15. HJC CS-2N Wine Size: LRG Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

This open face motorcycle helmet has everything you want in an open faced helmet. It has an awesome paint job that makes the exterior sparkle and shine. So it is pretty. It has a plush inner lining made of Nylex. That means the lining is comfortable, durable, it wicks away moisture, and it adds protection from impacts. You will find that the outer shell of the open helmet is lightweight so the overall product is comfortable to wear.

The neck curtain is easy to remove and the visor has a low profile so it does not obstruct vision. It is approved by DOT.

16. HJC CL-33 Black Open Face Helmet Medium

The forehead vents and the side vents on this open face motorcycle helmet are designed to lift up with ease. The face shield can be flipped up or it can be removed from the helmet.

The removal requires no tools so it is easy to take it off when you do not wish to have it, and easy to put it back when you do want the added protection.

The chin strap is neatly secured because of the design of the strap retention. When you get the open helmet properly positioned you will be able to strap it in place so that it stays where you like it.

17. HJC CS-2N White Size: Large Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Did you know that the darker colors attract and absorb more of the sun’s heat than lighter colors do? Because of this it will make you cooler if you choose a white open face helmet over a black one. The white color is also three times more visible by other motorist than the black or darker colored helmets are.

When you are searching to buy the best open face helmet you need to look for one that is light colored.

One that has a lining made of moisture wicking material, one that is DOT approved, one that has a proper ventilation system.

18. HJC Men’s IS-2 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Wine Large

Men like colorful things just as much as ladies do. HJC knew that and they made this beautiful wine colored open face motorcycle helmet with that in mind. They included all of the features that men would want on their helmet, and they added a few extra for good measure.

The interior lining is made to wick the moisture away so it does not run into your eyes. It is also made to be removed and put back after it has been laundered to reduce odor in the helmet.

19. IS-2 HJC Open Face Helmets Light Silver Medium

If you want the best open face motorcycle helmet then you wants the HJC IS-2 open face motor cycle helmet in light silver. This protective device has a lining that is designed to help keep you dry. You know that you are going to sweat in the summer; well this lining absorbs that sweat so it does not run into your eyes. You can remove the lining easily and wash it so the helmet does not begin to have a foul odor.

It has a safety certification from the DOT. The sunshield is retracted manually. It can be removed with no tools.

20. HJC IS-2 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Light Silver XXL

All heads are not the same size. All adult heads are not the same size. You need options when you are shopping for an open faced helmet so that you can get the size that will fit you the best.

This open face motorcycle helmet by HJC is designed to fit people with a hat size ranging from 7 and ¾ to 8.

The safety aspects of the extra, extra large helmets are no different than they are on the smaller DOT half helmets. You still get a DOT approved device that has a padded lining designed to wick moisture out of your face.

21. HJC IS-2 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Light Black

What do you want from an open face motorcycle helmet? Comfort and a size that fits properly is the number one answer to that question. This extra small helmet is designed to provide comfort and a superior fit for smaller people.

The helmets have the same superior quality that the larger helmets have. They come with properly proportioned chin straps, inner linings that add to the impact protection of the wearer, and easy to remove face shields.

They meet all of the safety requirements and have the DOT approval. They are easy to care for, and fun to wear. They also look cool.

22. HJC IS-2 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet Black Extra Small

The half helmet design of this open face motorcycle helmet makes it cooler, and lighter for the rider to wear. Many people cannot wear the heavier full helmets. The open face motorcycle helmet reduces the weight of the protective gear by as much as half.

The design of the helmet is retro in appearance, but the materials used to create the open helmet are state of the art. You have a lining that looks great, wicks away moisture, is easy to remove, and can be washed.

You have a visor that is shaped so that it does not impede vision. You have DOT approval.

About HJC

HJC helmets are helmets that have become known and trusted by many. Not many really know much about them other than that. They have specialized in exclusively manufacturing motorcycle helmets since 1971. Since opening they have strived to continue to improve on their helmets every step of the way. In every aspect and not just one, they care about your safety as much as you do.

They have even hung on to their #1 spot as top helmet brand in North America since 1992. They have maintained that position by taking the time to test helmets properly. As well as using the best and newest products. Also, making sure that they always have an array of designs to please all of their different customers tastes.

Their testing is tried and tested not only to meet safety requirements, but to how it holds up in a real-life scenario. They have their own wind tunnel for testing as well. So, they can test how it holds up going down the road for riding comfort, ventilation, noise and more.

They offer some of the lightest and most innovative helmets on the market. Keeping them competitive and in the lead. They listen to what their customers are looking for and that is a big plus in the business world. They have even expanded their line of helmets to include some off-roading helmets as well. Some of which were worn by X-Game gold medalists. Which is only sure to grow as well as the company does.

On top of all the great things that they offer on their helmets. They keep the helmets at an affordable price that most people can afford. Having a helmet with all the features and safety they offer as well as price is a helmet you can’t go wrong with.

Final Note

When you are shopping for the best HJC helmet you must look for one that is made of lightweight but durable materials that are going to give you excellent protection on impact. You must also look for helmets that come in the size you need. Measure your head around the largest section and then use that measurement to select the proper size if you are shopping for a helmet online. HJC will provide you with a sizing chart to compare your head circumference to.Another top manufacturer of open face helmets is TORC. If you like them then this post is for you: TORC helmets reviews

Hope this HJC helmets review post will help you to choose the perfect helmet for your needs. Happy riding! 

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