10 Cool Smallest Dot Half Helmet Reviews In 2017

The biggest reasons people don’t like to wear a helmet is because most are bulky and uncomfortable. Not to mention sometimes heavy and hard on the neck as well. You know you need one though and many states do require one now when driving motorcycles and other motorized vehicles.

That is where a smallest dot half helmet is a great solution! They are smaller in size but still provide the head protection that you need. They don’t inhibit your view and actually come in some great designs. Some like them just because of the old school look that they have. One important fact is you will be able to hear noises around you easier as well.

Top Picks for Best Smallest Dot Half Helmet Reviews

​So if you are looking for the best half helmet you may not know where to start looking for the one for you. Well we have saved all that time you would be spending searching. We have complied a list of the top 10 best smallest dot half helmets of 2017. Just keep reading to find the one for you!

Flat Black DOT Certified Motorcycle Half Helmet

This is a great choice for those looking for the basic half helmet. Nothing small with the basic old school look helmet. This helmet is finished in a flat black finish that will look great with anything you wear. The shell is made of Polycarbonate, making it lightweight and comfortable to wear. There is an impact absorbent comfort liner. So it will be a little thicker than some, but that is for protection and comfort. You won’t have to add to the liner with this one. The chin strap is adjustable for comfort and this helmet works well with goggles.

This helmet is DOT certified so you can be sure it will meet regulations. Since it is DOT certified you can be sure you are getting a reliable safety helmet. This helmet comes in at 3.2 pounds, which is a great lightweight weight. Which will help prevent neck fatigue from a heavy helmet. It comes in several sizes so you are sure to find one that fits you. At least in most cases! This helmet is provided by the Outlaw brand. The approximate measurements are 13 inches X 10 inches X 7.5 inches. That can vary slightly by size.

Half Helmet with High Gloss Black Flames DOT Certified

Want a basic black helmet with just a hint of styling? Than this one is the perfect one for you, especially if you are a flame lover. This helmet isn’t overly decorated which is great for those wanting to keep it low key. It features high gloss black flames with a flat black back drop. Likely any other open face helmet it is made with safety in mind while still being smaller in size compared to a full face helmet. It is lightweight and easy to wear coming in at a welcoming 2.5 pounds. The inside liner is only an inch thick which is great for those who don’t want bulk.

This helmet is DOT certified, so you can be sure it passes and in most cases surpasses regulations required. It also features a visor that is removable if you don’t want to use it. It is also easy to wear with goggles or riding glasses. If you choose there is a compatible face shield available for purchase separately. It comes with a helmet bag and manual as well. This a great choice for men or women, it also makes a great everyday use helmet or one for that extra occasional rider.

Silver Smallest DOT Half Helmet HCI 100

This helmet is part of the 100 series DOT motorcycles half helmets line. Which means it is one of the lightest and smallest ones in the market. This one weighs in at a very lightweight of 2 pounds! You might not even notice you have it on. It is a beautiful silver gloss color that many have loved throughout the years. It does have a visor, but the visor is removable if you need or want to take it off. It is DOT certified so you can trust it is made with safety in mind.

The liner is plush and comfortable even coming in at only 1 inch thick, it is not too bulky. These are built to last since they are created by using 3 different shell sizes put together. Googles and riding glasses are easily worn with this half helmet. If you do want a face shield, there is one available for purchase separately. There are also stainless steel dual D-rings for durability. The chin strap is adjustable so you can find your perfect fit. The approximate measurements of this helmet are 8.75 inches from ear to ear and 11.5 inches from the front to the back.

Low Profile Harley Style Black Chopper Cruiser Custom Half Helmet

If you are a low profile helmet lover, this is the one for you. This half helmet carries a Harley style look to it. It is flat black and would look great on any rider wearing any style gear. It has a classic style that has lasted through the years and will continue to carry on. This helmet also offers up some welcomed UV protection for when you are on those long rides under the sun. The finish on this helmet is high quality and durable.

This helmet has a low profile, so you get the protection you need without feeling closed in like you would with a full helmet. It is lightweight and has a liner that is under an inch thick, coming in at 0.7” while still exceeding DOT test. This is the perfect helmet for the riders that don’t want a large and heavy helmet. This helmet weighs 2lbs, which is great when it comes to avoiding neck fatigue. This helmet has gotten rave reviews and after getting it you are sure to give it a rave review too. This is a helmet that will always be in style.

Blue Flames and Skulls DOT Motorcycle Half Helmet

If you want an attention grabbing helmet, you need this one. It is subtle in the amount of colors it uses, but is extreme in design. This DOT certified half helmet has an extraordinary blue skull and flame design with a lacquer finish. It is sure to catch some attention and on occasion some great comments as well. It is great for those looking for a smaller lightweight helmet. You can make sure you are safe while making sure you look great while you are at it.

It offers up moisture wicking fabric that will keep your head cooler during use. It has an adjustable d-ring set up for the perfect snug fit. This helmet also comes with a cloth helmet bag and a black mesh head wrap. Even though this is slightly heavier than some half helmets it still has a respectable lightweight weight at 5 pounds.

Since it is DOT certified you can be sure you are in within regulation as well. You will be surprised and how something so small can be so comfortable. Want to wear goggles or riding glasses? Go ahead, you can with ease with this helmet.

Solid Black High Gloss Motorcycle DOT Half Helmet

This is a great all around classic designed helmet, these helmets are for the people that want more freedom. Yet, they know they still need some protection or to abide by the helmet laws. This one gives you the protection you need, while still feeling the wind on your face. You can hear everything around you easier as well and that can be a bonus. This helmet is lightweight, which is another factor many like. This one also comes with a visor that can be removed if needed.

It has stainless steel dual d-rings for strength and durability. This helmet weighs in at a nice 2.9 pounds, which will help reduce neck fatigue from a heavy helmet. The approximate helmet measurements are 12.3 inches X 9.4 inches X 6.9 inches. The liner is 1-inch-thick and the shell is made from a combination of three shell sizes to limit thickness.

Another great thing about this helmet is if you do want a face shield. You can purchase a compatible face shield separately. You will also get a helmet bag and a manual as well with this helmet. It also comes in a variety of sizes so there is a size to fit almost everyone.

Low Profile NON-DOT Harley Chopper Style Skull Cap Helmet

This helmet is a beautiful rendition of a Harley chopper style half helmet skull cap. This one is referred to as a novelty since it does not meet DOT Standards. It has a black matte finish and a fiberglass shell, not cheap plastic like other ones being sold. There is a cushioned liner to help prevent the helmet from riding up. There is also a padded chin strap for comfort with a quick release clip. This helmet is made by Biker Access, so if you know them then you know the quality you are getting.

This helmet is designed to sit on your head properly, not allowing it to sit too high making it look funny. It will sit low on your head where it should with a quality made item. This helmet is not made for safety, so don’t count on this to protect you if you need one for protection. This helmet is a great option as costume wear or something similar. These helmets weigh in at 1-1.5 pounds, which is nice and light. This helmet will make a great accessory for many different situations or settings. We will leave the when and where to you!

Blue Cross Vented Christian Motorcycle Half Helmet

Christian riders rejoice! You will love to support and share your faith by wearing this helmet. Let people know that Jesus is with you everywhere you go including when you ride. This helmet is DOT approved, so you will have the assurance knowing you have that extra safety protection as well. This helmet has a visor that can be removed as well when it’s not needed. Both sides of the helmet each have a banner with sayings on it such as ride with Jesus and Jesus saves. Then on the back are three beautifully silhouetted crosses.

You will want to get this one as soon as you can, there is only being a certain amount being released in this design. This helmet is amazingly light while still being DOT compliant at 30 ounces. The approximate measurements of this helmet are 8.5 inches from ear to ear and 10.5 inches from the front to the back. The EPS liner is still comfortable at 1 inch thick. You can also enjoy the included helmet bag to store it in. This helmet also comes with a 1-year warranty for your peace of mind. You will receive nothing but quality and beauty when it comes to this helmet.

Slim Line Skull Cap DOT Certified ½ Shell Helmet by Daytona

This is a perfectly sized helmet for the half helmet wearers out there. This is also a great helmet if you are looking for that helmet that stores easily for the occasional second rider. This helmet comes finished in a flat black, that looks great anytime you ride. It has 3 different shell sizes for the perfect fit as well. It has a nylon adjustable chin strap for a proper and comfortable fit. It has a soft touch finish instead of a high gloss slick one. Which is great for keeping a grip on it in wet conditions.

The liner is made of a moisture wicking fabric that will help keep you cool and comfortable. The overall weight of the half helmet is 2.4 pounds. The approximate measurements are 12 inches X 9.4 inches X 6.8 inches. This helmet is deigned to properly hug your head and not leave you with that mushroom look. You will love the way this helmet feels and fits. Especially when it comes to this style helmet, you will not be disappointed because this is the helmet that will last for years. It would also make a great gift for that one you know needs one.

Final Thoughts

Now we have shown you the best 10 smallest DOT half helmets on the market. All you have to do is figure out is which is design is right for you. All of them are offered at a great affordable rate you are sure to appreciate. You have a great selection of basic or beautifully designed, buy one or buy a few the choice is yours. It is a choice you can’t go wrong on though.

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