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Best LS2 Helmets Review In 2017 | Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Best LS2 Helmets Review

This LS2 helmet review became important to me when I started looking for the best motorcycle helmet on the market for my husband. I wanted to find a safety piece that would protect him if he was in an accident, and I wanted the one I bought to be really comfortable to wear.

I quickly saw that there are a lot of different features to choose from, and the helmet that I liked might not be the one that another person would like. I spent weeks searching through web sites to compile a list of the best open face helmets and a few full faced that I could find.

When I was finished I decided to write this LS2 helmet review so other people might have an easier time when they went shopping for a motorcycle helmet.

Best LS2 Helmet Review In 2017 Compared​

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LS2 Helmets Review by An Expert Rider

I found the following LS2 helmets to be the cream of the crop. They each have features to make them more comfortable, or to make them fit your head better. They are all built from good materials and they are all priced affordably. I believe that you will find the perfect one for your needs located somewhere amongst this group of helmets.​

1. LS2 Helmets Infinity Solid Open Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

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LS2 makes the shells of their safety helmets from HPFC. HPFC is light eight high performance fiberglass composite designed to have the strength and endurance needed to protect a riders head in the event of an impact.

One problem that many riders have is trying to control their sun shields while they are wearing their riding gloves. The twin shield drop down system in place on this safety device is easily maneuvered while you are wearing gloves.

The manufacturer made sure that all of the department of transportation guidelines concerning the features a safety helmet should have are included. They even went above and beyond and attached a chin strap with a quick release so the safety helmet is easy to get on or take off.

The inner lining can be removed so you can keep your helmet clean. Odor quickly builds up in the lining of safety helmets because they are exposed to sweat and hair oils. Being able to remove the liner and wash it will help to keep the helmet pleasant to wear.

The face shield on this safety helmet is designed to protect you from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. It is also designed to be less likely to fog up and it is hardened so it is very difficult to scratch the surface of the shield.

2. LS2 Helmets OF567 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

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You will love the feel of the wind on your face that you get when you wear an open faced helmet instead of a closed faced version.

The open face lets you smell the air and feel the cool breeze as you ride along.

The safety helmet has adjustable forehead vents positioned to hel you keep the inner portion of the device cool so you can be comfortable while you ride.​ You do not need as many vents when you wear an open face helmet because more air can get to your skin so you naturally stay cooler.

The chin strap on the head piece is very easy to snap closed, or to release so you can remove the protective piece. You will not feel encumbered by this helmet. You will more than likely be very proud to wear such a beautiful piece while you are riding.

This device will not cause as much neck strain or fatigue because it weighs less than four pounds. That is because it is crafted from a composite material that is very strong, but not very heavy.

All of the features on this piece of safety gear either meet, or exceed, the standards set out by the department of transportation concerning motorcycle safety gear.

3. LS2 SC3 Helmet with Hard Luck Graphic

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This matte black safety helmet is chock full of features that will make it rank high on your list of favorites in the LS2 helmets review. The safety features and comfort features make this helmet a protective piece, and a comfort piece as well.

When the weather gets cold motorcycle riders often wish for warmth. This safety helmet has a removable skirt that helps to keep your neck warm while you ride.

You can easily remove the skirt when the weather gets warmer. This skirt will also protect your neck from over exposure to the sun during long rides in the summer months.

The safety helmet manufacturer knew that a rider has to be able to see well in order to maneuver their machine and avoid accidents. For this reason they included a drop down sun shield that will block the sun from the riders eyes and let you have a better field of vision.

The sun shield is removable and you can even change it out with a shield of a different color if you were to choose to do so. There is a 3 snap peak that accommodates the accessories and helps to protect your eyes even farther from the glare of the sun.

4. LS2 Helmets HH568 Half Helmet (Solid Gunmetal, X-Large)

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A lot of people prefer to ride their motorcycles with no helmet on because they like the feel of the air rushing past their face. They like the freedom and the daring of riding with no facial covering.

This gunmetal grey helmet is a DOT half helmet that is not as confining as the full face helmets are and it allows you to have all of the freedom you want, and still have the protection you need.

This safety device meets the department of transportation safety protocols, and it also has enduring features that make the rider more comfortable. One of those enduring features is the removable skirt that attaches to the back of the helmet.

These skirts help to prevent sunburn if your neck is going to be exposed to the glaring sun for long periods of time. The skirt also helps to keep the rider warmer when the winds turn bitterly cold because it stops the wind from blowing down the neck of your shirt.

This safety head piece has an easy on snap on the chin strap that makes it possible to quickly get in and out of the device. It also has a chin strap that fastens securely and helps you to keep the helmet sitting properly on your head so you are protected in case of an accident.

5. LS2 Cold Beer OF583 Helmet Small

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If you have a great sense of humor then it is your responsibility to let your humor shine. This safety helmet lets your sense of humor and your personality shine vividly.

The red and white stripes that have the tiger orange inlay are vibrant and cheerful. On each side there is a brilliant display with the words cold beer and the depiction of a mug of beer on it.

The helmet is whimsical, and it is very low profile and thin so you will have the maximum amount of freedom while you are wearing it. The greatest part is that even though this item is funny, and comfortable to wear, it still meets all of the safety regulations to receive a department of transportation approval.

The liner in this helmet is not removable, but it is made from a material that will wick the moisture away from your head and help keep you cool and dry. This fabric is a synthetic suede fabric that gives the inside of the helmet a luxurious feel, and it also provides added protection in the event of an accident.

This is a great head piece that will be highly noticeable and will be a conversation starter at the majority of places where you stop. You will more than likely be the only person with this helmet graphic so it may become a recognition symbol for you.

6. LS2 Helmets OF583 Bobber Solid Open Face Helmet

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This safety open face helmet for men is a fashion statement as well as a safety device for riders. The super thin helmet is made from a tricomposite fiberglass material that is ultra light.

The entire head piece weighs less than three pounds, yet it protects your cranium in the event of an accident like it was a heavier material.

The inner lining is a soft suede like material that is designed to wick moisture away from you so you will not have wet matted hair when you remove the head covering, and so you will not have sweat running into your eyes. The outer edge of the ultra thin head gear is trimmed with real leather that simply adds to the beauty of the piece.

The safety device is approved by the department of transportation as having all of the necessary components to keep you safe as you ride.

The quick release chin strap will help you to remove the head piece quickly, and it also makes it easier to put the device on. By making it easy for people to remove the hat the manufacturer increases the number of people who will wear the item.

7. LS2 Helmets Strobe Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

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This helmet is colored a beautiful deep shade of red. Other motorist on the roads with you is more likely to see you when you are wearing a helmet that is brightly colored like this one. The color also shows your personality and preferences.

The liner inside the helmet can be completely removed for the purpose of washing it. This helps the helmet stay cleaner and more sanitary.​

You should never wear the helmet without the liner in it because the liner helps to make the device fit your head properly. If you are going to wash it make certain you have enough time to wash and dry it before you need to wear it.

The ventilation system gives you complete control over how much air flows through the helmet. You can make more air flow through in the summer months so the helmet can be cooler, and reduce the amount of air in the winter so it can be warmer.

This piece has been approved by the department of transportation as being a proper safety device. You will have as much protection from head injury as the department of transportation says is required.

8. LS2 Stream Snake Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

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The snake skin graphics on this red and black full face helmet make it project an aura of force and independence. The rider who chooses this helmet will have a strong personality that they want to share with other riders. This helmet says that the rider is strong, independent, assured and confident.

The rider will be protected by a built in twin shield system that allows the wearer to have the tinted shield and the clear shield.​

The shields are crafted from optically correct materials and they are very hard to scratch or damage so you can wear them longer. The visors are operated by a simple switch that can be controlled even when you have on thick gloves in the winter. You will not need to stop, pull over, or take your gloves off in order to raise or lower the sun shields.

Everything about the head piece meets, or exceeds, the safety regulations put into place by the department of transportation. This helmet will give you the maximum protection when you are in an accident. Wearing a helmet reduces your risk of a severe head injury by as much as seventy five percent.

9. LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Designed for the younger crowd, this junior full face motorcycle helmet is DOT certified. It meets or exceeds all DOT safety standards and has many amenities included that make this the perfect helmet for keeping the young ones safe and comfortable while riding.

The juniors will love the look of the helmet and the different exterior designs that are available.​

It looks exactly like helmets that are created for the adults but features many safety features that are precisely designed with the younger set of riders in mind.

This helmet has many features designed for comfortable and safe use. It comes equipped with adjustable flow-through ventilation that allows the user to block the cold breeze, but then adjusted to help keep the user cool on those hot days.

The interior is made of a soft foam that can be fully removed for hand washing as needed and is treated to be odor resistant and anti-bacterial. The interior foam is laser cut to provide a precise fit that is comfortable.

It is lightweight and engineered to be aerodynamic to offer greater stability in the wind. The full face shield allows for maximum visibility while at the same time, protecting the face and eyes. The chin strap is DOT compliant for its quick release latch.

10. LS2 Helmets Spitfire Bobber Vintage style Open Face Helmet with sun shield

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This high quality open faced motorcycle helmet comes equipped with many features that make it a safe and comfortable choice for any rider. It meets and exceeds many DOT standards and offers advantages not found in most helmets.

The open faced, ¾ designed shell offers maximum visibility while offering optimal protection. It is made of a polycarbonate alloy shell that is lightweight and aerodynamic.​

This DOT approved outer shell also features the quick release chin strap that further increases its safety rating. The face shield can be removed and replaced by a sun peak to allow more wind in the user’s face while still blocking those UV rays and protecting the eyes.

The comfort liner is made of a moisture wicking fabric and is molded for a perfect fit for the user. Made from one continuous piece of plush foam, including the cheek pads, the liner has been engineered for comfort. It is also removable for hand washing, allowing it to be kept as fresh as new.

The adjustable flow-through ventilation system allows the user control. It allows for easy adjustments to be made to let the cool air in on hot days and can block the cold breeze as needed.

Why Go For LS2 Helmets ?

When people shop for things they like to buy the best of the type of item they are searching for. You want to know that the money you spent was spent on something that will last a long time, or something that will provide you better service than the other things on the market will.

The simple reason for buying an LS2 helmet instead of any other brand of helmet is because the LS2 varieties are the best ones on the market. Other great reasons for choosing an LS2 helmet over some of the other ones available are:

  • LS2 helmets are built with strong composite materials that help them to be lighter than devices constructed from traditional materials
  • LS2 makes safety devices using the guidelines established by the DOT/ECE so their helmets will protect the rider as much as possible
  • They are affordable and pried so that the majority of all riders can own one
  • They have the latest features possible like inflatable cheek pads, or removable skirts
  • They are properly vented and the venting systems are adjustable so every rider can be comfortable in the summer and the winter
  • They come in sizes ranging from small to XX large so the majority of people can find one that will fit them properly
  • They use optically correct materials in their face shields to protect the riders eyes, and enhance their vision
  • They create wide eye ports so the wearers will be able to see everything they need to see in order to ride safely

LS2 helmets are crafted using the best materials by people who really care about the product they are creating. When you buy one of these pieces you are buying something that someone took pride in while they made it so you are getting the finest helmet on the market.

The LS2 helmets come in a wide variety of styles, and they have a wide option of graphics for you to choose from. You can ride in comfort and show your individual personality at the same time.

Final Verdict

I believe that the LS2 helmets are some of the best helmets on the market today and I recommend them to my family and friends. I like that they are affordable enough that the majority of riders can afford them, and can even afford to have more than one helmet on hand so they have a choice in what to wear when they want to go riding.

Those who love this brand definitely heard about the HJC helmets as well. Here is my HJC review: HJC Helmets Review

Having a choice in helmets allows you to wear a full face when you think that is appropriate and then have a half helmet around when you are going for a slow country ride and want to smell the fresh air, or want to feel the wind on your face.

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