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Best Half Helmet Reviews for Men and Women in 2017

Best Half Helmet Reviews for Men and Women

Motorcycle half helmets are the most popular style of helmets that are on the market. The term half helmet is exactly what the term implies, half of the helmet covering the top part of your head. These sorts of helmets are a perfect option for a rider who doesn’t want to feel constrained by having a full helmet on their head. These helmets give you the freest experience on your motorcycle while still giving you plenty of protection.

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Best Half Helmet In 2017 Compared







Fuel Helmets SH – HHGL16 HH Series Half Helmet, Gloss Black Large

3 Lbs

S, M, L,XL


Purple Roses with Grey Tribal Designed DOT Half Helmet

5 Lbs



half helmets

2.5 Lbs

2X-S, X-S, S, M, L,XL


skull motorcycle helmet

2.6 Lbs

2X-S, X-S, S, M, L,XL


skull motorcycle helmet

3 Lbs



skull motorcycle helmet

2 Lbs



skull motorcycle helmet




skull motorcycle helmet

30 oz



skull motorcycle helmet

30 oz

2X-S, X-S, S, M, L,XL


skull motorcycle helmet

30 oz

2X-S, X-S, S, M, L,XL, LG


If you are deciding to purchase it’s important to have some idea what kind of half helmets are available. Some riders want to pick the cheapest motorcycle helmet, however, you might as well pick one that will fit and look its best. We provided some half helmets that are the best on the market and have some extra features that will make your riding experience more enjoyable.

Best Half Helmets For Men

Many half helmets are DOT approved and provide the comfort that any rider may require. They come in an assortment of designs, styles and sizes. We are going to discuss the best  half helmets for men now and woman after this.

Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66 HH Series Half Helmet

No products found.

This helmet is safe, comfortable, and stylish. It features lowest profile design approved by DOT, offering you brain protection while still letting you get the open feel of the road. This simple yet reliable helmet is available in two shades of black: shiny gloss black and flat black, with UV clear coated paint. It is available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large size.

It features D-Ring closure with a retention strap that helps your helmet fit your head and keeps any excess strap out of your face while driving.​

The helmet has a layer of comfortable mesh material on the forehead that provides maximum air circulation and prevents sweating by accelerated moisture evaporation, which is perfect for riding in hot weather. This half helmet styles padded, open air retention system that guarantees optimal comfort, while at the same time allowing for unimpaired hearing on the road. The helmet has a lightweight thermoplastic shell, which is built for speed, comfort, and safety.

This helmet also has an easily removable visor that can be taken off for cleaning and adjustment. In order to prevent any possible damage during shipping, Fuel Helmets ships this helmet to you in a scratch resistant helmet bag, which is then double boxed to preserve its manufacturing condition.

VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Flat Black X-Large Half Helmet

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This is a great helmet for riding around town. If you want an inexpensive but safe half helmet then this is the perfect product for you. Not only is it sleek but it will give you a comfortable off-road experience. You can even easily wear your sunglasses and look fine with this VCAN.

This VCAN has a solid black design and the skid lid is created with a top quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell that meets and exceeds DOT standards.​

The rich interior consists of padding that provides top of the line comfort while the adjustable double D ring secured nylon chin strap which administrators the best fit on the market.

There is a removable visor which is screwed in for increased durability and it also includes washable cheek pads. The product dimensions are: 12.9 x 9.8 x 7.2 inches, it is built to fit head sizes 7 5/8 or head size - 24.02 inches and it weighs 2.5 pounds.

It comes in fifteen assorted designs and five different sizes to accustom to your style and personality. Not only will you feel safe on the road but you will also be riding in style. This is a good pick for those who love to cruise.

TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet with 'Black Flag' Graphic

No products found.

The shield is the read standout feature. The tab is large enough to make it easy to extend and retract with one hand. The integrated, retractable drop-down sun vision is an excellent way to provide protection and shade from the sun when needed.

The exterior shell of the T55 Spec-Op was constructed to look and fit proportionately with the correct scale and sizing of the individual wearing it. It is DOT approved.

If you are small in size, the last thing you want is a shell that makes you look like you have a mushroom cap on the top of your head. It has the product dimensions of: 12 x 9.5 x 6.7 inches and weighs 3 pounds. It is 3rd partied tested as the brand takes pride in knowing they truly sell products that help to save lives.

In contrary to other brands, this helmet is built with dual density eps which serves two purposes: it enables the shell to be lower profile, to create a more corresponding look to the rider’s head and body and it slows the head down in the event of impact, which helps lessens the likelihood of concussions.

The T55 Spec-Op will turn out to be the perfect complement to your other riding gear.

Outlaw Solid Flat Black Half Helmet - Large

No products found.

This half helmet can be a life saver. The ultimate open face helmet features a polycarbonate shell, removable button snap visor and comes with a lush comfort interior lining. Polycarbonate is the most resistant group of thermoplastic polymers.

The advanced DOT approved shell design provides a higher degree of protection and impact absorption. This unique material enables for a snug sleek fit on the head, and is not so bulky in comparison to normal helmets but still provides maximum protection.

This half helmet is great in comfort and ensures safety. It is light in weight, weighing about 2 pounds. Another feature is that it comes with impact absorbent comfort liner and has adjustable nylon chin straps. These straps are great to keep your head in place of the helmet and prevent your head from rocking back and forth during riding. It also has a removable button snap visor.

This half helmet was exclusively designed and are built to enhance your riding experience. If you are traveling through the states, this is a perfect product for great value and fit. Make sure to use the sizing chart when purchasing in order to get the right fit for you.

DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet - Large

No products found.

A lot of people complain about having the mushroom head look from DOT helmets, but there will be no complaining with this helmet. The DOT Flat Black Motorcycle Skull Cap Half Helmet provides maximum protection while also giving your comfort and style. It’s constructed with a lightweight polycarbonate shell, which features and impact absorbent liner. The sleek thin padding which is only available on polycarbonate helmets has a higher degree of impact absorption than your typical half helmet.

The adjustable chin straps with D-ring closures are long, which is great when adjusting to different head sizes. This half helmet is also suitable to use with sunglasses or goggles. The best feature of this half helmet is that is it slim in size and not bulky in comparison to other helmets. The product dimensions are 13 x 10 x 7.5 inches and it weighs 3.1 pounds.

For the price, you simply cannot beat this helmet. It is super solid, very safe and looks amazing. This half helmet is for sure going to enhance your riding experience without worrying about having a mushroom head.

Motorcycle Half Helmet Cruiser DOT Street Legal - Glossy Black

No products found.

This is a great half helmet for a great price. It is light and weight (weighs 2 pounds) and it is easy to put on and take off. You will love the opening where you're it makes listening to your tunes or wearing a Bluetooth so much more easily.

Other features of this half helmet include an ABS Thermoplastic Resin Shell, a visor secured with screws instead of a snap-on and care bag for protection.

Not only does this product look good, it gets the job done. What’s not to love about this half helmet?! It meets the DOT FMVSS 218 approved for US safety standards, comes with adjustable nylon chin strap with a double D-ring closure and has comfortable inner padding. It is also made from lightweight impact absorbent materials making it of high quality.

The product comes in various sizes. Here is a sizing chart:

Sizing Chart:
Small: 55-56 cm / 21.7-22 In
Medium: 57-58 cm / 22.4-22.8 In
Large: 59-60 cm / 23.2-23.6 In
XL: 61-62 cm / 24-24.4 In

So if you are looking for a half helmet this is stylish, affordable and safe, this is the perfect product for you.

HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half (1/2) Shell Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

The HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half (1/2) Shell Motorcycle Helmet might be perfect for a rider with a larger head compared to one with a petite head. It’s not as cheap as some brands but it does provide all the essentials that are necessary for a half helmet.

It is light in weight and has an advanced polycarbonate composite shell. You can’t beat the superior fit and comfort that uses advanced CAD technology.

This half helmet has an integrated smoked sun shield that easily deployed. It also has a plush and moisture-wicking Nylex interior with removable and washable anti-bacterial liner. This is perfect for those germaphobes and or for people who share their helmets. It also comes with a nylon strap D-ring retention system and is DOT approved. The product dimensions are: 14 x 10.8 x 9.5 inches and it weighs about 16 pounds (?).

Are you ready for a ride? Well, this product may be suitable for you!

Daytona Helmets Carbon Fiber Slim Line Skull Cap Helmet

No products found.

You are going to fall in love with this skull cap motorcycle helmet. It is slim lined and one of the world’s smallest and lightest DOT approved helmets on the market. While ensuring you will get the proportional fit.

It product is light in weight, weighing only 2.9 pounds. This low profile half helmet is made from 100% carbon fiber and has nickel plated rolled tubular steel rivets. It offers a sleek, contoured shell the snug your head eliminating the dreadful mushroom look.

The interior is custom formed for maximum comfort. It also has moisture wicking fabric which keeps your head cooler and dry. The additional features of this helmet include: a nylon y-strap D-ring retention system with sliding adjusters and a free head wrap and cloth drawstring bag that comes with your order. In order for you to find the perfect fit, here is a size chart.

  • Helmet Size Small: Head Circumference Inches-20 1/8"-21" Head Circumference Metric-51.1-53.3 cm Hat Size-6 2/5-6 2/3
  • Helmet Size Medium: Head Circumference Inches-21 1/8"-22" Head Circumference Metric-53.7-55.9m Hat Size-6 5/7-7
  • Helmet Size Large: Head Circumference Inches-22 1/8"-23" Head Circumference Metric-56.2-58.4cm Hat Size-7-7 1/3
  • Helmet Size XL: Head Circumference Inches-23 1/8"-24" Head Circumference Metric-58.7-61 cm Hat Size-7 1/3- 72/3

This helmet is obviously made with love, and while you are riding there is no ear blocks or anything blocking your side vision. This helmet is for sure to provide the efficient safety for your head while also looking stylish.

Outlaw T-72 Chrome Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet - Large

No products found.

This T-72 half helmet by Outlaw has a chrome (mirror) finish, which is great when you don’t want to be cooked by the sun as with some black finished helmets. It has a polycarbonate shell and also features a b a bolted removable sun visor and a drop-down, retractable, push-and-pull smoke shield.

The product dimensions of this helmet are 13 x 10 x 7.5 inches and it weighs 3.4 pounds. It also has non-removable DOT graphics on the back.

This helmet also has an affordable price and it also comes with a removable bolted visor. The pull-down sun visor is a feature that you will really like. You will have no troubles wearing sunglasses with the visor feature and it’s easy to pull down the sun visor with sunglasses on.

You will be very pleased with this helmet, it will do everything that you hope for. It will keep your head cool in the boiling sun while giving you an extra sun shade. The best thing about this helmet is when the sun is low on the horizon and you are riding into it and you can lower you sun visor and get that extra sunshade to keep from being blinded. This will certainly enhance your riding experience.

LS2 SC3 Solid Half Helmet with Sunshield (Black, X-Large)

No products found.

The LS2 SC3 Solid Half Helmet with Sunshield is a superior accessory. The interior is well made and has a lot of comfort. It is light in weight and offers a low profile fiberglass shell that meets the DOT standards.

The drop down sunscreen offers a convenient drop down shield. It’s very easy to operate, even with a gloved hand, the sun shield and gives your protection for your eyes on sunny days, but also gets up and out of the way quickly and simply.

The wide “v” strap helps makes for a secure fit and removable neck curtain comes with pockets. It pulls from further back assisting with the helmet to stay in place. The removable neck curtain adds warmth on cold days but zips off simply when it’s hot outside. The pockets are convenient so you can add speakers if you want.

The 3nsap sun peak adds versatility and keeps the design on the sun peak. This makes it easy to add any kind of 3 snap accessory of your liking. The sun peak also includes the SC3. This is an amazing product and definitely worth the investment.

By including a 3-snap design for the peak, the SC3 is equipped to accept accessory shields, making it a great 3-season motorcycle helmet. Where you’re cruising, traveling or commuting, this helmet assists you in a wide array of conditions.​

Outlaw T-72 Matte Black Dual-Visor Motorcycle Half Helmet

No products found.

You will be highly impressed with this Outlaw T-72 Matte Black Dual-Visor Motorcycle Helmet. It has a matte black finish with a polycarbonate shell. It also features a bolted removable sun visor and a drop-down, retractable, push and pull high definition smoke shield. The visor is polarized, not too dark so you will cool with you have it on.

This half helmet is the perfect accessory to go with your biking gear; you will for sure love it!

If you already own a full face helmet, this half helmet will surely replace it. You are able to pack this helmet for additional riders. It also has a non-removable outlaw and DOT graphics on the back. The interior consists of comfortable slim plush EPS liner which is perfect for long rides. The product dimensions are 13 x 10 x 7.5 inches and it weighs 3.5 pounds.

Vega XTA Half Helmet with Born to Ride Graphic

No products found.

Vega XTA in the Born to Ride Graphic half helmet has exceptional fit and comfort as it is made to proportionally fit any size head. It features Includes optional black visor and a super absorbent wick-dri fabric lining.

This is ideal for when you are riding in warm or hot weather conditions and you don’t have sweat running down your face.

The light thermoplastic shell offers maximum protection as the XTS but with less weight. There is an optional detachable ear pads that are available. It comes standard with a one year a warranty on parts and workmanship.

The product dimensions are 11.9 x 9.1 x 6.7 inches and it weighs 2.1 pounds. It comes in sizes x-small through xx-large.

This will be the coolest open-faced helmet that will be seen on the roads. If you are looking for a “tough” look while riding, this half helmet can for sure fit that style. As for safety wise, you can relax as it feels very good as it ventilates well and you can tighten the straps to get just enough air coming through to keep you nice and warm. This helmet is highly recommended and has great sizing. You will love this helmet.

Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom Half Helmets

No products found.

The Sena Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom with Built-in FM Tuner for Half Helmet is a state of the art product. It comes included with a kit: SPH10H-FM main unit, snapfit earpad, USB power and data cable and cigarette charger. It also has a music playback control by AVRCP, where you can play, pause, forward and track back.

It is embedded with Bluetooth 3.0, has Simple ear pad design for quick installation, a four-way intercom which can be used up to 700 meters (760 yards) away, and can make conference phone calls with intercom participation.

By attaching the SPH10H-FM to your half helmet, you make calls hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone and listen to stereo music with Bluetooth wireless, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with other users. This gives you a crystal clear and natural sounds. This half helmet has the product dimensions of 9.8 x 9.7 x 3.1 inches and weighs 20 pounds.

The latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology and the advanced digital signal processing allow any rider the best sound quality for both incoming and outgoing sound in its class. The easy to access and intuitive button operations make the SPH10H-FM a perfect combination for motorcycle riders. The Bluetooth stereo headset can be connected to audio devices such as iPods and mp3 players.

Outlaw T-72 Dual-Visor Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet

No products found.

You will enjoy this motorcycle half helmet by Outlaw. It has great detail on the decal as it has symbols and graphics from Norse (Viking) mythology, including a Viking god with wings swinging an ax and the powerful Old Norse occult symbol Valknut consisting of three interlocking triangles. In ancient art, the Valknut symbol is often linked with gods, specifically Odin. With this helmet, anyone wearing will sure feel like a God.

It has a clean and glossy finish with a polycarbonate shell and black as main background color. It also features a dual visor system with a bolted and drop-drop smoke visor. The bolter visor can be easily removed.

This vintage styled helmet has the product dimensions of 13 x 10 x 7.5 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds. You will sure stand out from the crowd with this helmet. The brand isn't called Outlaw for any reason!

Outlaw T-70 Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet

No products found.

The T-70 Glossy Motorcycle Half Helmet made by Outlaw is fantastic. IT has a wet, clean and glossy finish with a polycarbonate shell. It comes with official Licensed U.S. Marines graphics, which can help you embrace that American pride. The graphics are non-removable, bright and very sharp. The colors of the helmet are goldish-yellow, red and black and not only does it look great but it feels good to wear as well.

Like all Outlaw helmets, this one meets the DOT certification and is made to enhance any riding experience.

This half helmet is for sure to get people attention and be prepared to get stopped and asked about the helmet on a consistent basis. The fit and finished are astounding and comes with an unbeatable price. Even though it doesn’t come with a pull-down shield or removable interior, you will end up with a great looking and fitting helmet.

This is a highly recommended helmet for those who are in the military or want to show support to American troops.

CUSTOM BILT Women's Hawk Tribal Motorcycle Half Helmet

No products found.

Motorcycles aren’t just for men, they are for women too. So ladies, why not purchase the CUSTOM BILT Women's Hawk Tribal Motorcycle Half Helmet to go along with your ride to make the boys jealous. This is a chic but simple design that is for sure to fit any woman’s style.

Don’t let the boys have all the fun ladies; it’s your turn to ride in style!

Its features include: hi-tech injection molded ABS shell, a high-quality paint finish with double lacquer or flat matte finish. The best part of this half helmet is the price. It’s extremely affordable with a down to earth price.

This is classic cruise style is perfect for the absolute minimalist look. It also comes with a double D-ring safety retention system. It has comfortable padded straps at the ears and meets the DOT standards.

Dark Rider Black-Leather Half Helmet with 3-Snap Visor

No products found.

The Dark Rider half helmet has a great exterior! It has nice leather accents and made with a polycarbonate shell. It is a classic cruiser helmet with a removable 3-snap bubble visor.

It has a simple and clean design that will for sure fit anyone’s style or taste. The durable, black synthetic leathers that covers the helmet is simple to clean and give the rider an authentic biker look.

The interior has comfortable padding and Nylex comfort liner. There is a removable DOT stick on the back and this helmet is DOT approved.

This is everything that you want in a half helmet, it’s not too light, but not bulky either, it’s the perfect weight and size. It is very solid and it doesn’t ride up with the wind when you are going at fast speeds.

Best Half Helmet For Woman

If you are a female rider looking for a best half helmet, sometimes it is not always easy. There are some helmets that can be universal and will work. However, if you are looking for one that was made for a women’s wants and needs in mind. You want to look for a women’s helmet and if you are looking for a less invasive helmet than a whole enclosed full size helmet than a half helmet is a great option.

You may be wondering on where to start your search, well stay right here. We have a list of some of the best women’s half helmets on the market. Among them you are sure to find the best half helmet for you.

We will be saving you tons of time having to find the best ones online. Since many have their own opinions. We also want to make sure you are safe, by providing you with a list of DOT certified half helmets for women. Whether it is for you or for someone else, you are sure to find something you will love. There are also different designs for different tastes, maybe you will find a couple.​

Purple Roses with Grey Tribal Designed DOT Half Helmet

No products found.

This gorgeous half helmet for women is great for those looking for a partially designed helmet. You still get a beautiful design without it taking over the whole helmet. Half helmets are great too for those who want more of that open feel, while not taking away from the safety you need. This helmet has a black backdrop, with purple roses and grey tribal design. All finished off with a clear lacquer finish, to protect the design. It has a moisture wicking liner, to help keep your head cooler and making it more comfortable to wear.

This helmet meets or exceeds DOT requirements. It is also only available without a visor as well. The strap is adjustable and also uses D-Rings to help keep it in place. You will also get a great draw string storage bag and mesh head wrap with this helmet. Which are two welcomed additions by most riders that can use them. It comes in several sizes, so there is a size to fit most people. It also comes in at a nice light weight at 2 pounds. Measurements of this helmet are 11.9 inches X 9.5 inches X 6.2 inches. Those can vary slightly depending on helmet size.

Red Roses and Tribal Flames High Gloss Women’s DOT Half Helmet

No products found.

This is one beautiful helmet people are sure to take notice of. The color combination in the design is perfect and allows the design to pop out at you. The black gloss backdrop color of the helmet ties it all together. The roses are vivid and well detailed and if you are a red rose lover they will surely capture your heart. This half helmet for women is great for those who love the wind in their face. This helmet is only available without the visor. This helmet is great for those who love to wear glasses or goggles as well.

The liner has moisture wicking material to help cool your head down. The liner is also still quite comfortable for a smaller helmet. This helmet is also great for those looking for something light, since it only comes in at 5 pounds. You can be sure you will be both safe and legal since this helmet is DOT certified. It also has an adjustable chin strap for that perfect fit. There is no visor available with this one, which is fine for those not looking for one. It also has the DOT certification on the back of the helmet.

Women’s DOT Black Lady Rider Motorcycle Half Helmet

No products found.

This is the perfect half helmet for women who love a full designed helmet. You will see a beautiful sassy design from all sides. It features skulls and roses on one side, roses and a feather on the other, a sword with skulls roses and banner on front and last but not least two banners that reach to right and left side from the back. The banner reads lady rider, giving that look of both class and sass. All that design is on top of a black backdrop.

This helmet is vented which is great for air circulation, helping keep you cool during those rides. The vents are adjustable, so you get to choose how much air you want. It has an adjustable chin strap, so you can be sure you get the perfect fit. The straps do have some padding for comfortability. This helmet is DOT certified, so you can be sure it is regulation and will provide the protection you need. This helmet even comes with a respectable 1-year warranty. The total weight of this helmet is 5 pounds, which is an awesome weight. There are several sizes available, so you are sure to find one that will fit you perfectly.

Women’s Purple Fairy DOT Half Helmet

No products found.

Take your love for fairies with you on your ride with this half helmet. Their fairy dust and modern safety of the DOT certified helmet will help keep you protected while on the road. This helmet features a beautiful brown haired purple winged fairy, sitting on green leaves and purple flowers. The fairy is located on the back of the helmet. Each side of the helmet features beautiful purple morning glories and lilies, one side ending with a butterfly and the other with a dragonfly. The helmet and the design are all finished off with a clear lacquer.

This helmet is DOT certified, so you can be sure you are getting a regulation helmet. This woman’s half helmet is among the smallest half helmets available. It comes with a great moisture wicking material, which will be great for keeping you cooler while riding. It has an adjustable nylon chin strap that utilizes D-rings. You will also get a great draw string helmet bag to keep your helmet in. Which is a great way to protect it when not in use. You will also get a breathable mesh head wrap as well. This helmet is 5lbs, so it is fairy light! So you won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable due to weight.

Pink and Grey High Gloss Skull Boneyard Half Helmet

No products found.

If you love pink, you will love this! This is a great pink color that you will love to show off. This helmet is a light cotton candy pink with a skull boneyard design in silver. It is all finished off with a high gloss lacquer finish. This helmet has comfortable soft Y-straps connected to an adjustable nylon chin strap. This half helmet for women will also keep you cool with use of some welcomed venting too. It features a visor that can also be removed if wanted also. It is DOT certified so you can be sure you are safe and legal when on the road.

This is a great helmet for those who have safety in mind but don’t want bulk. It is also a great helmet for those who want to sport their favorite goggles or glasses with ease. If you do want a face shield, there is a compatible one available for purchase separately. The inside liner is plush and comfortable without being bulky. This is also awesomely light weight coming in at 30 ounces! So less chance of a sore neck. It comes in several sizes and comes with a welcomed 1-year warranty

Candy Pink Motorcycle Half Helmet with Removable Visor

No products found.

Want to show off your love for pink? You won’t have any problems doing it with this helmet. This helmet is fully colored in a beautiful cotton candy pink color and finished off with a high gloss lacquer finish. It features a removable black visor as well as black strap and edging. This half helmet is great for those who don’t want a fully enclosed helmet, but still want or need protection when riding. You can hear what is around you easier, as well as wear goggles and glasses with this helmet as well.

This helmet meets or exceeds the standards of DOT. So you know you are getting a safe product. This helmet has an adjustable Y-straps that are connected with adjustable D-rings for a perfect fit. This is also face shield compatible so you can purchase one separately if you so choose.

The liner is plush and comfortable and great for long rides. This is a lightweight helmet and is great for everyday use or the occasional rider use it only weighs in at 30 ounces. Making it one of the smallest half helmets on the market. You will also be pleased to know it also comes with a one-year warranty.

Cherry Red High Gloss DOT Women’s Half Helmet

No products found.

You will be seeing red when you see this helmet, you definitely won’t be missed when wearing it. This helmet has a beautiful cherry red color with a high gloss finish. The removable visor is black as well as the edging and the straps. This helmet is DOT certified, so you can be sure it meets safety requirements as well as regulation requirements. There is a compatible face shield available for purchase separately if you decide you would like one. This helmet carries a beautiful classic style that never fades out. If you are someone who don’t like a heavy enclosed helmet it is a great choice for you.

It is comfortable to wear with the quality plush liner it has as well as the soft Y-straps as well. The chin strap is nylon and adjustable and secured with stainless steel D-rings. Worried about being hot, well don’t this helmet even has some vents to help you stay cool during your ride. This helmet also comes with a respectable 1-year warranty. It weighs in at a welcoming 30 ounces! So less chance of a stiff neck caused by a heavy helmet. This is a great space saving helmet that stores easily as well.

Women’s Purple Pink and Silver Rose on Black Gloss Half Helmet

No products found.

This is every rose lover’s dream, every inch of the rose and flower design is elegant. The roses and flowers on the front and back of the helmet are elegantly designed and colored in pink and purple. The stems and parts of the rest of the design are a metallic silver.

The backdrop is black and all of it is finished off in a high gloss finish. The DOT certified emblem can be found on the back. Which is great because you know you are using a safe product, as well as one that will meet regulation.

This is a low profile fit, so no worries about ending up with that mushroom look you don’t want. It fits the way it should, snug and low. The helmet also protects you from harmful UV rays during wear, so they have your health in mind as well. The chin strap is adjustable; the Y-section of the straps are made for comfort in mind as well. You will also receive a free helmet bag as well, which is always a great thing. Worried about weight? Don’t worry too much it is lighter coming in at 5 pounds.

Skull Matte DOT Motorcycle Half Helmet

No products found.

You can’t go wrong with this helmet if you are a skull lover. They have managed to merge skulls and elegance all into one. This helmet looks like it has a skull themed lace design overlaid on top of a red backdrop. It is all then finished off with a matte finish adding to the lace looking effect. There is a large skull on the front of the helmet. This helmet has a black removable visor as well, which is great if you need one occasionally.

It also has removable air vents and is face shield compatible. Meaning you can purchase a face shield separately if you choose you want one. It is DOT certified and has the emblem to prove it. So you can be sure you are getting a safe helmet as well as being legal in a state that requires it.

This also has stainless steel D-rings on the chin strap for strength. The chin strap is also adjustable so you can find your perfect fit. You will also be happy to know it even comes with a one-year warranty for your peace of mind. This helmet weighs about 5 pounds which is a light weight for a helmet, making it even more comfortable to wear on those longer rides.

Pink DOT Women’s Half Helmet with Pink Roses

No products found.

You will think pink when you see this helmet. So if you love pink, roses and lady rider gear this is for you! This high gloss helmet features pink roses with green leaves and stems on each side. On the back there is a banner that reads lady rider. It is a beautifully designed half helmet you will be more than happy to wear. It also has adjustable vents as well as a removable visor. The visor, straps, edging and liner are black. It also has stainless steel dual D-rings for durability for the chin strap. Chin strap is made of nylon and is adjustable for that perfect fit.

This helmet is DOT certified for your piece of mind. It also makes sure it meets regulation where required. You will also get a great helmet bag as well to store and protect it when not in use. It is one of the smallest helmets on the market, which is great for those looking for a smaller helmet. This helmet is comfortable to wear as well weight wise being only 30 oz. You will also get a welcomed one-year warranty with this helmet as well. This would make a great helmet for yourself or for that pink lover in your life you know will enjoy it.

Women’s Custom Built DOT Half Helmet Tribal Black

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This helmet features some great design work. It boasts a beautiful tribal design outlined in sliver on a black backdrop. The design carries from the back to what would be your left side. It is all finished off in a high gloss finish that helps it stand out. The liner as well as the straps are black as well. The straps are comfort Y-straps attached to an adjustable nylon chin strap. It also offers up a double D-ring retention system for your safety. The D-rings are made of stainless steel for strength and durability. This helmet meets or exceeds all DOT requirements and is DOT certified.

This helmets shell is a Hi-tech injection molded ABS shell. So you can be sure you are getting high quality durability when it comes to this helmet. This helmet is great for those who want a helmet that doesn’t inhibit any more than it has to. The chin strap is Y-shaped and padded for your comfort. So you will still be able to hear what is going on around you. You will love the fit, having a natural fitting look and not an odd wear look to it. You will be nothing but pleased with this helmet.

Black Outlaw DOT Helmet with Pink Flames High Gloss Half Helmet

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You will love this helmet made by Outlaw if you love flames and the color pink. This helmet features pink flames that start at the base of the front of the helmet and reach back to the rest of the helmet. The black backdrop of the helmet offers the perfect contrast. All finished off with a high gloss finish for that classy noticeable look. The helmet sports the outlaw emblem on the front so you can be sure that is where it came from. It also features padded comfort Y-straps, as well as an adjustable chin strap. You will get a snug and proper fit when wearing this helmet.

This helmet is DOT certified, so you can be sure it meets or surpasses DOT regulations for safety. The black visor on the helmet is removable via the snaps it attaches to. This half helmet for ladies, is made of durable and reliable polycarbonate. The comfort provided by the liner is amazing while still staying thin. This open face half helmet is great for those who like to sport their favorite glasses or goggles as well. This helmet is easy on the neck since the weight comes in at 3 pounds.

Flat Black with Purple Butterflies Outlaw DOT Half Helmet

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If you are looking for style without the gloss this helmet is a great option. It is a beautiful flat black with purple and pink butterfly on each side and up and over the middle of the helmet. You can be sure you will be safe as well having the DOT graphic on the back assuring you it has passed or surpassed safety tests. There is a removable black visor as well, so you can choose when you need it. This will catch your eyes as well as others without being too crazy. It has padded Y-straps for your ears for comfort and an adjustable chin strap for the perfect fit.

The chin strap has double stainless steel D-rings for strength. The helmet shell is made of polycarbonate, which is known to be one of the best materials to handle an impact. The liner is thin to keep size and weight down, but still offers enough padding to be comfortable during riding. This helmet is designed to fit right and give you a proper look and feel. It weighs in at a great light weight of 3.5 pounds making it one of the lightest on the market. This is a great choice for those looking for an open faced helmet.

Purple Flower and Skull High Gloss Black DOT Helmet by HCI

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This beautiful high gloss black half helmet is adorned with fine detailed purple and pink flowers and skulls. It is so detailed you will think it was hand painted. The design carries down each side of the helmet as well. The high gloss finish gives it that beautiful polished finish that enhances the beauty of the design and helmet as well. This helmet also features a bolted on black shorty visor as well. Offering that little bit of extra protection without invading too much of the open face feature people love.

This shell of this helmet is made of lightweight ABS. Coming in at 5 pounds this helmet is comfortable for those long rides. This half helmet is also DOT certified, so you can rest assured it meets or exceeds DOT safety standards. It will also meet regulation where it is needed as well. This is a great helmet for those that don’t want an encompassing full helmet. Those who want to feel the wind in their face and to be able to hear things around them. You will definitely be please with everything this helmet has to offer. It is great for both frequent and occasional riding as well.

Emergency Safety Tips for Lady Bikers

There are some safety tips that will help keep you safe when on the road. Whether you are a new rider or a seasoned one. These tips will be some things to keep in mind. Some you may already know, but it never hurts to have a refresher to keep things fresh on your mind before you ride. For new riders, some things are common sense others are ones that will help you enjoy your new love for the road.

The biggest thing to remember is buy a bike that is right for you. All of us are made differently when it comes to height, size and strength. A good sales person will help you with that, but a poor one will sell you the best one for them. So make sure you buy a bike that you can handle. Make sure it’s not too heavy or bulky to control.

Make sure you can balance easily on your feet while seated. Even if you are short you can find a bike that accommodates you. Also power is great, but if you are not an avid rider too much power may not be a good thing for you.

You want a braking system that you can count on. Today the best braking system to have is an antilock brake system. Similar to what is in your vehicle, stats show that there are less fatal crashes due to people using antilock brakes.

Without antilock brakes, when you hit the brakes you lose steering control. That is not a good thing when it comes to a motorcycle, so if you can get them invest in them.

If you are a new rider, take the time to learn your bike. You can usually find many different types of riding courses to teach you some great skills to know before hitting the road. It is also a great idea for even seasoned riders, especially if it has been awhile since riding.

Taking courses can also sometimes save you on insurance costs, as well as possibly depending on state requirements get you out of testing. Of course costs vary, but there are some courses that are quite reasonable.

Helmets are still debated among riders, especially in states that don’t require them. Let’s be honest here though, it really is a needed safety item. Out of all the safety items out there a helmet is the most important of all.

A majority of fatal accidents may have not been fatal with a proper helmet. If you don’t like a full face, full head encompassing helmet. You could opt for a half helmet, so you can still protect your noggin. After all, without no noggin there is no you. Head injuries are the hardest to treat, so don’t take the risk not having one.

Make sure you wear the right clothing, you could spend wads of money of motorcycle clothing and that is up to you. There are some great items out there, but if you don’t want to you don’t have to. Use common sense though.

There are lots of moving parts on a motorcycle, so the biggest thing is don’t wear loose clothing that could become entangled. Also make sure you dress for the weather or bring items with incase the weather changes. Want to keep bugs and other items out of the eyes, invest in riding goggles or glasses especially if you are wearing a half helmet.

Just like when you are driving your vehicle, always be a defensive driver. This is even more important riding a motorcycle. People don’t always watch for bikers, so you need to watch out for yourself. Always pay attention to those who are not paying attention to you.

Weather has a mind of its own, but do your best to preplan for the weather for the day or trip. If you can avoid riding during bad weather do so. Sometimes staying parked until a storm passes is the best thing you can do for yourself. Bikes and bad weather are two things that don’t mix well.

When operating a motorcycle, you have to really keep an eye out for road hazards. Even more so than you do in your vehicle. There are many things in the road that can cause you to wipe out, where if in your car it wouldn’t.

Sometimes road hazards can’t be avoided, in those situations slow down as much as you can before reaching the hazard. Then approach as close to a right angle as you can to avoid a skid.

Always do a quick check of your bike before going out. Make sure everything is in working order and that all fluids are where they should be. Also make sure your tires are properly inflated, tire pressure is very important while riding.

Final Verdicts

These are the best half helmets on the market. Each half helmet has its’ own characteristics, style, and features that can be suitable for any rider. Also, each helmet will offer you the same features or different features; it just depends on what you are looking for. When purchasing your next helmet, this list will assist you in making the perfect pick.

Hopefully you will find the tips above helpful, so you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable ride. With the list of half helmets, you are sure to find the best half helmet for you. There are some great styles available and all are DOT certified, so you can be sure you will look great as well as being protected. You can buy one or buy two to have a spare for that occasional rider as well.

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