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Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review With Expert Analysis

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

best bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Technology is always moving and that is everywhere in life not just limited to phones and computers. Technology is implemented everywhere today, including in your favorite things to do such as motorcycle riding. Some are can be more helpful than you know such as the Bluetooth helmets on the market.

With all the different reviews out there you can find the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet for you. The only problem is there are so many reviews that could take quite some time. That is where we come in, we have saved you a lot of that time by providing a list of some of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets on the market.

Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Comparison Chart




Size available


bluetooth motorcycle helmet

HJC Metallic Men's CL-MAX II

6.5 pounds

3XL, 4X-L, 5X-L, L

motorcycle bluetooth


4 pounds

4X-L, 5X-L, X-S, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

motorcycle helmets with bluetooth

Sena Technologies SMH10

3 pounds


helmet with bluetooth

TORC T27 Flat Black Helmet

5.2 pounds

XS, S, M, L, XL

modular bluetooth helmet

TORC T10B Prodigy Flat Black

4 pounds


best motorbike helmet

T-10B Sports Bike Helmet - Black

5.2 pounds

M, L

motorcycle helmet earphones

HJC Helmets IS-MAX BT Helmet

5.2 pounds


We took the time of doing all the searching and the looking when it comes to Bluetooth helmets. So you can have list of which ones have received some of the best reviews. Making it easier to make the decision which one is the best for you and your needs. There are so many things they can do for you, so keep reading and find the one for you. Also, if you like open faced helmets you may also like: Best open face helmet reviews.

HJC Metallic Men’s CL-Max II Wine Red Bluetooth Helmet

No products found.

Bring your riding joy up to the next step! This is an excellent Bluetooth full face helmet. This helmet is for on road use and it is a 2012 model. This helmet is created of polycarbonate, which is one of the best materials on the market to absorb impact. There is also an advanced channeling system as well for ventilation. To help provide a much needed airflow during those rides.

There is also an adjustable polycarbonate chin bar as well. It opens with ease since the release allows for one hand release. Even if you are still wearing your gloves. The Color is a beautiful red wine color, as well as black for edging to finish it all off.

This helmet is DOT certified, so you can be sure you are protected with a safe product. It has built in recesses for the ChatterBox XBi2-H and speakers as well. The chatterbox is available for purchase separately and does not come with. The inner offer anti-bacterial, removable washable bioceramic nylex for durability. The full face shield also helps protect you from the sun’s rays with a 95% UV protection. It is also easy to replace shield as well since it has a quick and tool-less removal and installation.

Black High Gloss TORC T12B Blade Full Face DOT Helmet

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If you love the combination of techy and the color black, you will love this helmet. This helmet is made of injection molded ABS and has a built in spoiler to take of wind buffering. This helmet is also designed to help improve stability at higher speeds as well. The face shield is replaceable, scratch resistant and fog free which is something any motorcyclist can respect.

There is also a drop down sunscreen for when you decide you need it. This helmet is finished in a high gloss black that looks as sleek and sweet as it performs.

This DOT certified helmet has some other goodies to offer as well. It has Bluetooth 2.0 technology that allows you to take calls and send them as well. You can also listen to your favorite tunes while out riding as well. You will also be able to easily listen to your CPS directions as well.

If you get or have another rider or driver wearing a Blic loaded helmet you will be able to talk to each other as well within 100 ft. This helmet is also equipped with two speakers, a noise cancelling microphone, self-adjusting volume and waterproof controls that can easily be operated with gloves as well.

Black Matte HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Mod Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

If you are not one for high gloss but still love a great looking low key looking helmet, this HJC Helmet is a great choice. This helmet is made of advanced injection molded light polycarbonate shell, finished off in a black matte finish for a basic look. It offers up a single button chin bar and face shield, making it easy to release one-handed. This helmet is made to fit and feel great using CAD technology.

The face shield is superior to many on the market offering 95 percent U.V. protection. The shield is also very easy to replace using a tool-less quick slide feature. The helmet is also designed to keep you cool and comfortable by offering an advanced channeling ventilation system. A full front to back air flow taking heat and humidity up and out of the helmet.

This helmet is DOT certified, so you can be sure you have a trusted safety helmet. Being DOT certified you can be sure you are within regulation as well. The liner is made of wicking material that can be removed and washed as needed, it is also bioceramic Anti-bacterial Nylex. The helmet weighs in at a decent 8.1 pounds and the approximate measurements are 15 inches X 11 inches X 11 inches.

HJC Solid Black Low Gloss CL-Max Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

This is a great black on black Bluetooth helmet for your basic helmet lovers. If you like to keep yourself protected and low key this may be the one. This helmet may look basic but does offer up some great features you are sure to love. This has a quick slide shield replacement system, so you won’t need any tools to replace the face shield when you need to. The shield itself also helps protect you from those nasty UV rays while driving or riding. It provides a great 95% U.V. protection when wearing.

Another great feature of this helmet is the ACS system, which is an advanced channeling ventilation that goes from the front to the back of the helmet. It pushes the heat and humidity up and out of the helmet to help keep you cool. Which is definitely welcomed especially on those long rides.

This helmets liner is also bioceramic Anti-bacterial Nylex, that can be removed and washed when needed. It offers up a single button chin bar and face shield release, making it easy to release one handed. This helmet is ready for some Bluetooth action with integrated recess and speaker cavities. The Bluetooth unit does not come with but is available for purchase separately. This helmet is DOT certified for your piece of mind as well. It is on the heavier side coming in at 16 pounds.

HJC CL-MAXBT II Atomic Bluetooth DOT Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

This helmet has a mixture of some of the best colors. It features a wave like pattern of white, blue and black. The whole helmet is covered in this great pattern you will definitely catch some attention. This helmet is made of an injection molded polycarbonate shell. Making it lightweight and one of the best materials to handle an impact. It has a tool-less Quick-Slide shield replacement, making it easy to replace or remove the face shield.

This helmet also offers up an advanced channeling ventilation system, that removes the heat and humidity and pushes it up and out of the helmet. The visor of the face shield also offers up some respectable UV protection. It provides you with 95% UV protection during wear. This helmet also offers up one handed single button release for chin bar and face shield.

This helmet is Bluetooth ready with integrated recess and interior speaker cavities. The liner is bioceramic Anti-bacterial Nylex that can be removed and washed when needed. This helmet meets or exceeds DOT standards, so you can be sure you have a safe and certified helmet. This helmet is lighter in weight due to the polycarbonate, which is always a welcomed thing.

Sena Technologies SMH10 Bluetooth Headset Intercom

No products found.

If you are looking for that perfect Bluetooth head set for your Mag-9 Helmet, this one is made specifically for it. It is black so it will look great with any color of the Mag-9 helmets. It has a 3.0 stereo headset with long range Bluetooth you can count on. There is a Bluetooth intercom that can reach 980 yards.

You can also multi-pair with this headset as well for up to 4 persons. You have a Bluetooth stereo headset for audio devices. Your music playback controls by AVRCP offer up play, pause, track forward, and track back.

The operation of this headset is smooth as pie with versatile Jog dial. The sound level is sufficient with the audio booster that is also integrated. You also get hands-free, so you can Bluetooth with mobile phones. The Bluetooth headphones are great for stereo listening or listening to your GPS navigations.

It has stereo music via a 3.5mm audio cable. It is also water resistant for those wet rides, which is always a great feature. You will get up to 12 hours of talk time and up to 10 days of standby time. It can be used while charging as well. Each audio source can also be individually controlled as well. You will get main unit, clamp unit for mic and speaker, USB cable, vehicle charger, 3.5mm stereo audio cable, surface mount adapter, mic sponges, Velcro pads and hex Allen wrench.

Flat Black TORC T27 Full Face Mod DOT Helmet

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This helmet is lighter in weight then most of its competitors, with plenty to offer you. This helmet has a great venting system integrated in it you are sure to enjoy. It features the Venturi venting that has an exhaust that exits out the rear of the helmet. This helmet even offers the slider based visor that drops down usually only offered in helmets that cost way more.

This also has a one button release mechanism for the front chin bar. So it can be easily used even with one hand. The front bar is made to last since it has steel posts and utilizes a metal locking mechanism.

The shell and the chin are constructed of a thermoplastic alloy. The liner is removable and washable which is also another great feature to have. It offers plenty when it comes to tech features as well. It is equipped with a 2.0 Bluetooth technology to insure compatibility with your Bluetooth enabled devices. It also has two built in speakers as well for your listening pleasure.

Up to 8 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time. You can make and receive calls as well via hands-free Bluetooth. You will always know where you are going as well since you can listen to your GPS directions as well. If you receive a call it will interrupt anything you have playing at that time. You can also talk to others with the blinc systems in their helmet as well, which is great if you have a passenger or your riding with others.

Sena Black Bluetooth Stereo Headset and Intercom

No products found.

If you are a half helmet lover, you may be thinking that bluetooth headset capabilities are not an option for you. If you really want one though, they are available for half helmets. One of the best things about the ones for half helmets is that they only utilize space already being used. So no worry about adding too much bulk to your helmet.

The pieces will fit in where the ear cutouts are, so they will install quick. It can be a multipoint for two mobile phones and provide you with hands free making and receiving of calls. You can also listen to audio from any of your Bluetooth audio devices. Music play back controls available are play, track forward, pause, track back and stop. There is a jog dial for easy operation.

It is water resistant for those wet or humid rides. You will get up to 10 hours of talk time and seven days of stand by time. Individual volume control for each audio source as well. The helmet does not come with it. The firmware is also upgradeable, so it is a device that you can update with ease over time. It also comes with a decent 2-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Black Fastrack II DOT ECE Approved Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

This black Fastrack Bluetooth helmet has a great modern design. Even though it comes in all black the curves of this helmet speak to you. The shell of this helmet is constructed of fiberglass and nylon cross woven together, allowing it to be on the lighter side for weight. Similar to what is found on certain upscale cars as well as for items that fly. So what you end up with is a lightweight helmet with an on key uniform design that is hard to find.

There is a spoiler on the top of the helmet, to eliminate buffering while riding or driving. This is safer for the driver and rider since it makes the helmet more stable at highway speeds. You will also notice it will be a lot quieter as well. The interior features a Quad-Core EPS design, which is composed of five separate pieces of expanded poly styrene. All four have different densities.

The face shield is made to be easy to remove and replace. Only two steps to remove and one step to put back on! Which is a welcomed feature when changing shields frequently day and night. The clear shield that comes with is also anti-fog and scratch resistant.

Black and Red Torc T10B Prodigy DOT Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

This helmet will keep you connected and looking good. This Torque 10B Prodigy helmet has sleek and sharp beautiful design to it making it aerodynamic. It is mainly black but has some well-placed red fine line design. It has a Smokey full faced shield that melds right into the helmet. It has a high glossy glassy looking finish tying the who design together.

The shield is also features quick release and is scratch-resistant and fog-free. The helmet also features a spoiler that ties in with the adjustable forehead and chin vents and helmet design to create some of the best airflow possible.

The liner on this helmet is comfortable to wear and it is also removable and washable as well. This helmet comes with Bluetooth 2.0 technology to be compatible with all your Bluetooth items. You can make and receive calls hand free so you can keep your hands where they need to be.

There are also two built in speakers that give you great sound. You will be able to talk up to 8 continuous hours and have up to 150-hours of standby time. You can combine this helmet with other Blic equipped helmets as well. So that way you can talk to a passenger or another person on another bike.

Black Matte Techno Bluetooth Modular DOT Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

This basic matte black modular DOT helmet is great for those who want simple. The ones who want a helmet that offers up the Bluetooth capabilities they want. Well if that is what you want, then this is a great helmet for you. It is made of Hi-tech injection molded polycarbonate, making it one of the best helmet on the market to withstand impacts. The helmet is finished in high quality metallic paint giving it just that hint of sparkle while toning it down into a matte look.

This helmet has a separate flip down shaded shield, as well as the outer clear shield. There is also chin mounted airflow ventilation to help keep you cool. There are rear vents for the heat and humidity to get pushed out of by the fresh air. The lining is fully removable and washable, so no worries about a smelly liner. This helmet is DOT certified to keep you safe and within regulation.

This helmet has an integrated DWO-3 Bluetooth system. So you will be able to use many of your Bluetooth enabled items including your phone. There is also an intercom feature as well to be able to talk to passenger or rider to rider. You will be pleased with what you can do with this helmet.

Torc Player with Blinc Bluetooth Adult Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

If riding is your flame and gambling is your game, then you need this Blinc Bluetooth enabled motorcycle helmet. This helmet features a gambling style design with cards, roulette, dice, chips and more. It is a busy but great looking helmet that is also finished off with a smooth glossy finish. This helmet has an ABS shell, with adjustable vents located on the forehead and chin. The shield has a quick release feature as well as being scratch resistant and fog-free.

The liner is removable and washable, which is great if you ride often. This TORC motorcycle helmet is also DOT approved and certified as well. This helmet is Blinc bluetooth enabled, so now you can handle all your calls in and out hands free. You will also be able to link up to your favorite bluetooth items to listen to your GPS or your favorite music. That way you will be able to keep your eyes on the road.

The Bluetooth will last up to 8 hours for talk time and up to 150 hours on standby. There are also two built in speakers to be able to hear things on crystal clear. There is also a noise cancelling headphone installed as well. When you receive a call it will interrupt other things that are currently running on Bluetooth. There is a 100-foot intercom distance as well. The Bluetooth is weather resistant; in case you get stuck in wet or humid weather.

Black Matte HJC Solid Men’s Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

No products found.

This all black helmet is well built with a basic look with some advanced features. The shell on the helmet is made of advanced polycarbonate composite. It also offers you an advanced channeling ventilation system, to help keep you cool during your rides. It also offers the great single button release for the chin bar and face shield. Making it easy for you to release one handed and even with gloves on.

There is a built in recess for the ChatterBox XBi2-H and speakers. The liner is a comfortable and removable liner that also is anti-bacterial. It is constructed of a bioceramic nylex, which is a great long lasting material. The face-shield also keeps you protected from UV rays as well. Giving you up to 95% protections from the rays. If you ever need to replace the shield, no problem!

This helmets shield is easy to take off and put on since it features a quite shield replacement system. There are no tools required to change out shields. You can also feel at ease that this helmet is DOT certified. This is a great option for those looking for an everyday helmet or an occasional one for that occasional rider. The total weight of this helmet is 5 pounds, which is a great light weight size.

How Do Bluetooth Helmets Work?

Bluetooth technology in helmet has some benefits. If you are new to Bluetooth helmets, you may be wondering how they work. It is really not that different then using many of your other Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth has been taking over many things on the market over the last few years. It has a been a great tool for many of us in our day to day lives. Such as being able to place and receive calls hands free. Which is great especially when you need your hands on the bars or the steering wheels.

bluetooth snowmobile helmet

Some helmets come with the chatter box and some do not. Features can vary from helmet to helmet, but some will allow for hands free action. When you want to use them to others, it is kind of like using a walkie talkie. They have to be running on the same Bluetooth system. If they are you can talk to several people, passenger or another rider on another bike. You can also listen to your favorite tunes, all through Bluetooth as well. They are rechargeable as well which will help you buying over batteries.

You will be able to get up to 8 hours of talk time! Which is great for most since by the time that runs out you should be by a plug in so a charge up should be relatively easy. There are many accessories out there to make sure you stay safe. Most of the Bluetooth helmets on the market are easy to use. Helmets have come a long way.

You can connect with a few on a riding trip. Which is great when it comes to keeping everyone where they need to be so no one gets lost. Bluetooth helmets are really a great asset to let you keep doing the things you need to be doing, while you still get to keep moving.

​While you are all set to up your ante with these super swanky helmets, it is nonetheless important to identify the right earbuds that will keep your rides joyful. If you are someone with small ears, you may face challenges in finding the right blue tooth earbuds for small ears. Be sure that you own nothing but the best fit as earbuds for small ears are specially designed for comfort and grip to keep them from falling out.


If you want to be able to keep up with the things, you need to while on the road. You need to find an easier and safer way to do so without distraction. If you are busy person you don’t want to have to keep pulling over to talk.

Having one of these helmets allow you to keep going down the road, since you can keep talking within your helmet with the other person hands free. We have given you plenty of choice, now the choice is yours to choose the best bluetooth motorcycle helmet for you.

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