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Open Face Helmets

Open face motorcycle helmets are a style of safety gear that has been around for many decades. People used to wear this style of helmet because they had no other alternatives, and today people choose to wear this style of helmet because they have discovered that these items are comfortable to wear, they are lightweight, they are cost efficient, they provide ample protection, and they allow freedom for the rider to feel the wind in their face.

Open face helmets are not for guys or girls. Open face helmets are for all riders, all genders, all ages, and all sizes. This site is dedicated to showing motorcycle riders where they can find open face helmets that will fit their needs, and fit their heads.


Who am I?


I am a motorcycle rider that happens to love the freedom of riding with no helmet, or with The Lightest Helmet that I can find. I know the dangers of ridings without a helmet, and I am not crazy so I do wear my helmet for protection. I have found that the open face helmets provide a lot more freedom so whenever it is possible I choose to wear an open face instead of a full coverage style helmet.

I heard a lot of people talking about Open Face Helmets, and many of those people simply did not have the facts about this style of safety gear. I decided to create this site so that I could share the proper facts concerning this type of helmet, and so people could make informed choices on the style of helmets they choose to wear.

I do not want to convince anyone that open face is a better helmet style than full coverage head pieces are. I simply want everyone to know the facts and be able to make informed decisions.


Open Face Helmets Mission


To provide honest, accurate, facts concerning the open face helmets. I want people to know What to Expect From Open Face Helmets, what protection they provide, the materials they are made from, how much they weigh, the styles they are available in, and where to buy these protective head coverings.

Not every motorcycle rider has the time to shop for hours and compare motorcycle helmet styles, features, prices, and availability. Open Face Helmets has compiled the information that every motorcycle rider needs to know in one convenient place so they do not have to spend a lot of time researching before they make their buying selections.




As I said earlier I like to ride with as little covering on my head as possible. I also said that I know the law requires a helmet, because a helmet can stop a small crash from having life threatening results. I want all motorcycle, scooter, snowmobile, and ATV riders to have the safest apparatus that they can find to wear as head protection.

Open Face Helmets Can Provide Safety from impacts during a crash. Some of them are safer than others and that is why this page was created, so that every rider, or every loved one of a rider, could find the proper equipment for their needs.

Here at Open face Helmets we want to know that each person is safe while they enjoy the activities they are passionate about. We do not want to force anyone to wear anything that they will be miserable in, and we do not want anyone to wear something that could let their lives be ruined when they should have been protected.


Suggestions Welcome


I welcome suggestions of Open Face Helmet Styles from my readers. If you are a rider and know of a helmet that other readers might want to hear about please feel free to contact me through my contact page and let me know about your find. I want my readers to feel comfortable sharing information, because I know a lot about motorcycles, and about the protective gear known as open face helmets, but I am far too young to know everything about these items.


Connect With Us


I am really happy to have been able to share with you today. If you want more information, or you simply want to share something with me, please feel free to connect with me through my contact page. I really do look forward to hearing from my readers.