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Best Open Face Helmet for Men and Women in 2021

Best Open Face Helmets for Men and Women

Read any bike magazine. Visit any motorcycle forum. Watch any TV show about motorcycle.
Most riders feel connected to their bike when they have the best open face helmet on the

The Reason?

Open face helmets give the reader better visibility as their cruise on the highway. Which
reduces the chances of having accidents? You are less likely to be blind when you wear this
gear. Unlike full face helmets, they look light and simple.

Best Open Face Helmet for Men and Women​ - Compared







Vega X-380 Open Face Helmet

3 Lbs



Yescom Retro Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

2.4 Lbs

Not Specified


modular bluetooth helmet

4 Lbs



Custom BILT Women’s Roadster Retro Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet MD Pink Cream

Not Specified



Custom BILT Women’s Roadster Retro Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet MD Pink Cream

4 Lbs

2XL, S, M, XL


Custom BILT Women’s Roadster Retro Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet MD Pink Cream

2.3 Lbs

2XL, S, M, XL


Best Open Face Helmet Reviews by Experts

From this review, you will learn the best rated helmets on the market that offer superior
performance. Here is the ultimate list of helmet that you should consider, if you have to
buy an open face helmets.

Open Face Scooter Helmet - DOT Street Legal Flip Up Shield

It is meant for the scooter rider, but it can still be used on your bike. There is less noise with this helmet at 60mph that is because it is made of aerodynamic design. This matte black helmet guarantees great fit for any bike reader and it has a quick release fastener-that ensures easy removal. You feel safe when you cruise or streamline along the highway, because it bears the DOT approved safety stickers.

Open Face Helmet DOT Street Legal Flip Up Shield

You experience ultimate comfort and have the freedom to customize the helmet the way you want, thanks to the comfortable inner padding and with removable cheek pads. This cool open face motorcycle helmet with shield is really awesome! 


It lacks the chin strap buckle for better fastening.

LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Helmet with Visor

The chances of you being blindside in your environment 10% that is because this helmet is gives you better visual breadth. The 3/4 shell design makes that possible and tops it with ultimate protection for your pretty face. Comes with a flip-up built-in visor, open the visor anytime to get the thrill of the air and to run away from sweat.

Easy to buckle and faster for custom and secure fit, that is because it includes a 3-point chinstrap.

LS2 Helmets OF569 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet


This LS2 open face helmet has superior features that you will find in any full face helmets. I love its design and construction that ensures secure comfortable fit, however, these features makes it bulky and heavy.

Vega X-380 Open Face Motorbike Helmet With Old Skool Graphic

The classic retro look of this old school open face helmet gives you a feeling of mental high when you have this helmet. It meets the US DOT standard FMVSS 218 and European ECE 22.05. Meaning you can get this helmet even if you are in the UK or any part of the world. It is light.

You won't feel like carrying a load on the head. You feel the environment because of the better circulation of air.

Vega X-380 Open Face Helmet

Secure snug fit is guaranteed and its lid extends down to their ear. You feel less noise, when you ride at a reasonable speed with this bike. This classic open face motorcycle helmet keeps the wind noise at a minimum level.


If you are buying this helmet for yourself, you will have to go one size up for better secure fit.

Fuel Helmets SH-W50016 Open Face Helmet With Shield

Experience the thrill of the bike and the freedom of feeling the wind on your face. Every feature and design of the helmet is guarantees better experience and comfort. When you think about having this helmet, all you think is complete superior protection from all the elements-wind, dirt, debris and others.

Here are noteworthy features that the helmet has:

Solid CKX VG300 Open-Face Helmet

The front brow vents that guarantee that you feel the wind as you cruise the highway.

Comes with a removable shield that has a screw-on it for easy removing and replacing the shield. This white motorcycle helmet has superior construction for lasting performance.


You can't remove its pads; it gets dirt over time.

HJC C5-2N Flat Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC open face helmet allows for dual forehead vent for better ventilation. It features aerodynamic, low profile visor that sits better on your face and less noise. The nylon straps retention systems promise custom and secure fitting on the head. Experience zero wobbling.

It is lightweight; you can turn your head quick without feeling any weight or load on your head.

SH-WS0016 Open Face Helmet with Shield

The removable nylon lining lets you customize the comfort of the interior the way you want it. You can also clean it anytime you want.


It sits too high on the head

Solid CRX VG300 Open-Face Helmet-Youth Small/Medium

It is a new and low profile open face helmet on the market. You will love its design and features. For example, it has an impact resistant injection molding plastic shell. Which is sturdy and robust to protect your head against injuries and bruises.

You have the freedom to customize its fit and comfort. That is because it has pro clip quick release mechanism.

Hjc CS-2N Flat Black Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Weighs 995 grams with no room for wobbling slipping. If you want to buy one of this helmet, go for the exact size.


It doesn't have a winter face mask.

More Read : Smallest DOT Half Helmet Reviews. Also, I have forgotten about the TORC brand when writing this article. There are few awesome open face helmets int he market manufactured by TORC. But don't worry, I have a separate review post about all top helmets of this brand. Here it is: TORC Helmet Review

Things to consider when choosing an open face helmet

Anyone ride who has had an experience with a helmet, will tell you that you can’t choose any helmet in the market. Custom fit and protection remain to the primary fit for any helmet on the market. But a helmet becomes best, when it lets the rider enjoy and feel the thrill of the bike.

In short.

It doesn't sacrifice the experience of the bike, because bikes are bought for experience and thrill of speeding in the wind. Ignore any permutation when choosing your first helmet; you may not enjoy the bike at all.

What you look for a full face helmet, is different from what you choose in an open face. Here are the factors.


The helmet has to pass the DOT safety and standards. Otherwise, your risk when riding the bike is high. I have never seen a rider who regretted having a helmet with DOT sticker on it.

And know that...there is nothing worse in an accident knowing that your head is damaged. You will be surprised to know that In 2015, 88,000 motorcyclists in the US were injured. Look for the DOT sticker label on the helmet.

Built-In visor

There are 3 choices for you here. You can choose an open face motorbike helmet with visor that flips down to cover the eyes only. Or you can have a full visor that covers the whole face and protects you against the wind.

Better, you can opt for helmet with no visor at all. That means you will wear a pair of goggles to protect your eyes. If you fancy the all this choices, then buy the helmet that has removable visor.

The Noise

The one problem you encounter with open face helmet is the Noise factor.

That is because most of this helmets lack aerodynamic design. If want a less nosy helmet, invest in a helmet that has better aerodynamic design. If noise is still a factor, then you are better of having a full face helmets.

The interior lining

During the use of the helmet, the lining and padding get dirty. And this may affect your comfort.

For that reason, consider having a helmet that has removable lining and padding for easy washing.

Better chin strap and fastener

You won't be surprise that most open face helmet on the market have no chin strap or fastener.

Without a chin strap or a better fastener, you will experience wobbling. A chin strap makes you customize the helmet for better secure comfort fit.

Open Face Helmet for Women in 2017

Many people do not know what it takes to make a motorcycle helmet the best open face motorcycle helmet for women. Women motorcycle riders are increasing yearly and the helmet manufacturers had to start considering these riders, their needs, and their wants.

The best open face helmet for women will have all of the safety features required by the DOT. These head protectors must also be light weight because women do not have the same muscle strength in their neck muscles as men do.​

Women's open face motorcycle helmets must have a lining that can be removed and washed to keep odor low.

​The helmet should be fashionably designed because women like to look good in everything they wear, even their safety gear.

Best Open Face Helmet for Women In 2017 Reviewed

I have studied many of the different half helmets for women and compiled a list of my favorites for you. I believe that when you are shopping you should compare several different items to make sure you are selecting the best one for your needs, and the best price for your budget.

I do not believe in buying cheap motorcycle helmets for women simply because they cost less. I believe in buying the highest quality head gear that you can get for the budgeted amount you have to spend.

The following helmets are all good choices as women’s open face snowmobile helmets or women’s open face motorcycle helmets.

Scorpion EXO-C110 Mariposa – ½-Shell Motorcycle Helmet

If you want to buy open face helmet for ladies that stand out from the crowd then you want to get the mariposa. The designs on this brilliant pink open face helmet are beautiful to look at so they will please the taste of any female.

The half helmets for women are up to date on all of the protection codes. These safety devices are DOT certified as complying with all safety codes.

The helmets have an inner padding that will aide in protection during an impact. They are ventilated so that air flows through them properly while reducing the whistling noises of the wind moving through the helmet.

2012 HJC CS-Cruiser Whip Women’s Motorcycle Helmet

One of the biggest concerns you will have when selecting women’s open face motorcycle helmets is getting the right size helmet. If a motorcycle helmet is too large or too small it can increase the chances that you will be injured in the event of a crash. The Cruiser whip women’s motorcycle helmet comes in the right sizes to protect you properly.

The small visor increases your vision field, and the style is racy.

The inner lining of this helmet is made of a moisture wicking material called Nylex. This material looks luxurious, and it helps to keep sweat from building up on your scalp and running into your eyes.

Speed and Strength American Beauty Motorcycle Helmet

The quilted lining in these women’s open face motorcycle helmets is not just nice to look at. This lining adds to the amount of protection that you have in the event of an accident. It reduces the amount of impact that you suffer because it cushions the blow.

This helmet supplies the look you want, the safety you need, all for a price you can afford.

The DOT approves this helmet design and the materials it is crafted out of. The DOT sets the standards of safety that each helmet is supposed to supply so that fewer people have serious injuries if they are in an accident.

Yescom Retro Vintage Open Face Helmet with Shield

The quick release for the sun visor on this pink women’s Yescom Retro open face helmet will make it easy for you to have the face shield protection when you need it, but remove the protection when you do not want it.

The bright pink color will make the helmet and the rider easily visible if they are riding in the snow, or if they are on the highway.

Yescom Retro Vintage Motorcycle Helmet

The helmet is lightweight. Each device weighs less than four pounds so they do not cause neck strain when the woman wears it. The helmets do have the DOT approval because they meet or exceed all of the safety standards set for motorcycle protection helmets.

Raider Open Face Helmet (Pink, Small)

The visor on the front of this women’s open face helmet will help to improve your vision because it will cut down on the glare of the sun. This will eliminate the need for you to squint your eyes. The visor is small so it will not protrude into your field of vision or create any obstacles in your line of sight.

The beautiful pink color increases visibility. All of the safety features are approved by DOT.

The rubber surrounding the outer edges of the helmet will help to protect your face from possible injury in the event of an impact. The rubber soften the edges of the helmet so the helmet cannot bruise, or injure your skin.

Custom BILT Women’s Roadster Retro Helmet

The double lacquer finish over the high quality pink paint, with the cream racing stripes, creates a visually appealing helmet. These light colors also increase the safety of the wearer because they make the rider more visible. The safety features that have been incorporated into the materials and the strength of the helmet earned it the DOT certification of approval.

The classic flat visor protects the face of the rider from blowing winds, wind burn, dry eyes, and debris. Not to mention bugs. The padded interior adds to the impact protection, and the chin strap insures that the helmet stays in place.

Custom BILT Women’s Raven Motorcycle Half Helmet

Sometimes you need extra protection on the back of your neck and for your ears. During those times the removable neck guard system will prove to be a great addition to your helmet.

The visor is attached with a removable three peak snap. You can have the visor to reduce the sun glare, or quickly snap it off to create an entirely new look in your helmet.

The inner lining is padded and will add a measure of protection when you experience an impact from an accident. The padding also makes the helmet fit more comfortably and keeps your head warmer in the winter months.

Open Faced Helmets Safety Tips for Ladies

Women, and men, should be aware of the safety issues of not wearing head protection, and they should be aware of the safety tips concerning motorcycle open face helmets. Some of the key safety concerns of motorcycle riders are:

  • Collisions with other vehicles because the motorcycle was not easy to see. Wearing a brightly colored women’s open face helmet will allow other motorist to see you easier.
  • Wearing a cheap motorcycle helmet for women may mean that you are not wearing the one that will provide the most protection. Make sure that the open faced helmet you by is DOT approved.
  • The helmet you buy needs to fit snugly but be easy to remove. Make sure you buy the right size helmet. Head protectors that are too large or too small do not provide protection.
  • Placing reflectors on the back of the helmet can increase visibility by as much as fifty percent

Open Face Helmet Buying Guide

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report In 2015, 4,976 people died in motorcycle crashes in USA, up 8.3 percent from 4,594 in 2014. (Ref:1) 


Buying a helmet is an important and great decision. Many love open faced helmets so they can still feel the wind on their face. It is also one chosen by many who wear glasses as well. They are also smaller and easier to pack away when not needed. There are many states that require helmets as well, so if you are not one that likes to wear one this is a great solution to ride within the law and be comfortable.

Motorcycle Helmet Use Laws: According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 19 states and the District of Columbia had laws on the books requiring all motorcyclists to wear helmets as of April 2016. (Ref :2) 

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

You can get a great looking helmet, but you want to make sure that you look for other things as well. You want to look great as well as know that helmet has every safety aspect in mind that you need. It is the most important safety gear you will be wearing when you need it most. So, let’s go over some of the things you should look for when buying an open-faced helmet.

Things to Look for In a Helmet

There are several things to consider when looking for a helmet. These are important things to consider to make sure you get the best protection you need and the style you want. Let’s get started, some of the things you may know and some you may not.

  • Fit, the fit is the most important. Everyone’s different and that includes the shape of their heads. So, you do have to find a helmet that is the shape of your head. Such as elongated, round and etc. Then if you are not able to try in in person, next will be measuring. You want to make sure you are getting the proper size.
  • Safety standards, does the helmet have any DOT markings? These are the most important, if it is DOT it will be marked somewhere on the helmet. A DOT helmet is also one that will also be acceptable by most places with helmet laws. If European, it is usually referred to as the 02 which is equal to the DOT standards.
  • Chin strap, a chin strap is typically on all helmets. Many of the newer styles have newer closures that are easy to open with one hand with a glove on or off.
  • Venting, important to some. You can get pretty toasty riding under the sun. Picking one with sufficient venting will help keep you cool and reduce your sweating amounts.
  • Removable lining, so it can be washed from time to time. People sweat and after a while things can get a little smelly. Not to mention the bacteria that can hang around in there. Having a removable lining is a definite bonus for most, but not a deal breaker for some.
  • Sun visor, another great addition to help you to be able to see. If you are driving you’re bike the last thing you want to be is blinded by the sun. Just like when you are driving your vehicle. An attached sun visor can help avoid that. Many also come with one that is removable for when you don’t want to use it.
  • Warranty, important to many people. If a company is willing to stand behind their product that says a lot for quality of a product in most cases.

Those are just some of the main things to take into consideration. There are plenty of add on features if you want some of the newer goodies, but that is your call. Such things as Bluetooth built in headphones or communication setups. Which can be a great addition if you want to vocally keep in touch with other rider on bike or other riders on other bike, such as during group rides.

Open Faced Helmets Pros and Cons

There has been a lot of debate through the years on whether or not the open face helmets provide the same level of protection as the full face helmets. The following pros and cons have been sources for those debates.


  • Improved peripheral vision
  • Unobstructed views
  • No glare from the face mask when riding at night
  • It's working as a cooler and keep your mind fresh because of air.


  • Have to deal with bugs and debris hitting your face
  • Colder during cold weather, no skin protection from frost bite, or rain.
  • No face shield protection during an accident

Choosing to wear a half helmet, or an open face helmet, comes down to a matter of your sense of style, and what you like, and the type of riding you do. If you are riding a motorcycle through a lot of mud and slush you would be better off wearing a helmet with a full face shield to protect you from being covered in the mud.

If you are riding on the street, or you are riding across the sand dunes, then a open face helmet might be the perfect choice for you. You will encounter less heavy debris, and the half helmets are lighter than the full coverage variety.

Whatever style of helmet you choose, be sure the one you buy is DOT approved, and that it fits your head properly.

Final Notes

The important thing when choosing the right open face helmet is the protection and the feels it gives you. Most of the helmets in this review have the features that I have listed in the things to consider when choosing an open face helmets.

All you need is to compare them and choose your favorite open face helmet. Unless you participate in the race, I will urge to go for a full face helmets. But if you ride for fun and thrill, then a simple open face helmet will be perfect for you.

That is all the information you need to make sure that you choose a better open face helmet for your bike.

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